2-Step: Re-Enroll in Multi-Factor Authentication(DUO) Using a Mobile Device

This document provides instructions to reactivation your Duo mobile account.

If you did not use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in the last six months, your enrollment in MFA may have expired. If this is the case, you will be asked to re-enroll when you log into Canvas. The re-enrollment process is similar to the initial setup that you completed last year.

If you need to re-enroll and you are using a FOB device rather than a mobile phone, please contact the Technology Help Desk for assistance.    

1. Select Start Setup.

Duo Setup Page

2. Select either Mobile Phone or Tablet depending on device you are using.

Device Type

3. Enter the telephone number of the device you are going to use. (You will skip this step if you are using a tablet)

Type of Device

4. Select the OS that you are using. Choose iPhone, Android or Windows Phone.

Phone OS

5. Click on I have Duo Mobile if you still have the Duo app installed on your device. (If you no longer have the Duo Mobile app, install it from the App Store on your device.)

Install Duo App

6. Open the Duo app on your phone.
7. Tap the Add + button on the app. 

+ Add on mobile device
8. Choose Use QR code.
Add account mobile device
9. Using your phone, scan the QR Code that appears on the Duo setup page on your computer. Do NOT scan the QR Code below. This is only an example QR code.
(If you have problems scanning a QR code, please try deleting and reinstalling the Duo App)

Activate Duo with QR Code

10. A green check mark will show on the QR Code once this is successfully completed.

Duo confirmed
11. Select Continue
12. Dismiss the message showing enrollment successful. 
13. Select an authentication method from the login drop down menu.

NOTE: You can select any of the methods, but it is recommended that you select Automatically send this device a Duo Push

Choose push Duo Push
14. Click Save.
You are now set up with 2-Step Authentication.

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