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2-Step Login

Two-Step Login provides an additional layer of security when you log into systems that contain sensitive data. Two-Step Login, also known as two-factor authentication, helps protect sensitive data and guard against increasingly sophisticated email and online scams (e.g., phishing attacks) that can leave you vulnerable to identity theft. Like similar services offered by Google, Apple and Facebook, you log in by entering your username and passphrase and then confirm your login with an enrolled device, like your smartphone.


AccessStout is UW-Stout's Student Information System. It is used by applicants and students to register, view grades, account balances, and access other personal information. It is also used by faculty to enter grades and facilitate advising.

Activity Insight **System Shutdown

Activity Insight is no longer available at UW-Stout.  Any information that was in the system has been removed and users will no longer be able to print vitaes.

Changes to faculty profile should be requested from the webmaster group.

Adjunct Instructor Pool

The Adjunct Instructor Pool application form is the online tool for submitting application materials for the University of Wisconsin-Stout's adjunct instructor pool. People submit applications to be considered for a teaching position through UW-Stout Online.

The Adjunct Instructor Pool does NOT use campus credentials; applicants create a username and password and provide an email address. An email is sent to that address and the user must click to verify and activate their login information prior to being able to log in.

For assistance:
UW-Stout Online
321 Sorensen Hall
121 10th Avenue E.
University of Wisconsin-Stout
Menomonie, Wisconsin 54751

Administrator Account

Computer administrators can change security settings, install software and hardware, and access all files on the computer. Administrators can also make changes to other user accounts. This is a computer-level permission and does not apply to any other computers or resources.

App Launcher (Office 365)

The icon in Office 365 used to switch between apps.

Asset Tag (eStout Laptop)

Every eStout laptop is identified by a number on a sticker called the "asset tag". The asset tag is a unique identifier used for inventory purposes and to assign, or pair, a student to a computer at deployment or refresh/exchange. Examples of asset tag numbers are 1550101 or 201650101.

Azure Development Tools for Teaching

Microsoft Development Tools for Teaching -- Formerly Microsoft Imagine, DreamSpark Premium (formerly MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA)) is a Microsoft program available to all Stout students and faculty in order to acquire licensed copies of some Microsoft software. 

Go to

Support can be obtained by calling Microsoft at (866) 643-9421

This program is not available to staff.

BankMobile Disbursements

Refunds for overpayment of tuition are distributed by BankMobile Disbursements (formerly HigherOne). Please visit Student Business Services refund page for more information about eRefunds.

Campus Directory

The UW-Stout campus directory is the online directory of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Directory and Address Information: Changing or suppressing 

Campus ID

The seven-digit number (including leading zeros) found on campus ID cards and many forms of campus correspondence.

Code (2-Step)

A code is a limited temporary access code generated by the help desk if a user forgets their device used for Duo. To ensure security, codes expire after 24 hours.


Curriculog is the automation system for curriculum approval; used to approve course and program changes. The system administrators in Registration and Records and the Provost's Office have published Best Practices and Helpful Tips, including contact information for access and assistance.

Device (2-Step)

A device is what is used to access the duo application. The duo app allows you to use a mobile phone or a tablet to access the mobile application to provide two factor push notifications.


The term domain can refer either to a local subnetwork or to descriptors for sites on the Internet (e.g.,  On the Internet, a domain is part of every network address, including website addresses, email addresses, and addresses for other Internet protocols.

A domain is a sub network made up of a group of clients and servers under the control of one central security database. Within a domain, users authenticate once to a centralized server known as a domain controller, rather than repeatedly authenticating to individual servers and services. Individual servers and services accept the user based on the approval of the domain controller.

Domain User

A domain user is one whose username and password are stored on a domain controller rather than the computer the user is logging into. When you log in as a domain user, the computer asks the domain controller what privileges are assigned to you. When the computer receives an appropriate response from the domain controller, it logs you in with the proper permissions and restrictions.


Drupal is the UW-Stout web-management system used by staff and faculty to produce and edit campus web content. For assistance, please contact

Duo (2-Step)

UW-Stout has partnered with Duo to provide a service for protecting logins to systems that contain sensitive data. Duo is a mobile application that provides mobile push two factor authentication to allow access to systems that contain sensitive data.

Duo App (2-Step)
EMS Online Reservation System
eStout Student Laptop Transfer Program
Films on Demand and Alexander Street Video
Global Address List
Handshake (Previously CareerLink)
HRS (Human Resource System)
ImageNow: Annotations
ImageNow: Annotation_Signature Stamp
ImageNow: Application Plans
ImageNow: Auto Indexing
ImageNow: Batch Mode
ImageNow: Batches
ImageNow: Capture Profile
ImageNow: Custom Property
ImageNow: Delete a Document
ImageNow: Document Properties
ImageNow: Document Type
ImageNow: Drawers
ImageNow: Electronic Signature
ImageNow: Email Option
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ImageNow: Forms Workflow
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ImageNow: What is it?
ImageNow: Workflow History
ImageNow: Workflow Queue
ImageNow: Available Information
Library Databases and Resources
Local User Account
M4A: Unprotected audio file
MAC address
Multifactor Authentication/MFA (2-Step)
Outlook Web App (OWA)
Push (2-Step)
Stout Share
Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM)
Tax Documents:
Token (2-Step)
User Principal Name (UPN)
Waveform Audio File (.wav)
Windows Media Audio (.wma)