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Campus Directory

The UW-Stout campus directory is the online directory of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Directory and Address Information - Changing or suppressing

Campus ID
The seven-digit number (including leading zeros) found on campus ID cards and many forms of campus correspondence.


Camtasia allows instructors to produce mini-lectures, tutorials, course welcomes, study guides, overviews and more.

Camtasia is available for install from Software Center for faculty and staff on campus-owned computers.


CareerLink is UW-Stout's system for connecting students and alumni with employers. Also used for posting and finding on-campus student jobs.

Current students log in using their campus credentials ( Campus Credentials and Email Addresses Explained);

Alumni, employers, campus employers, faculty/staff and other users create a CareerLink login.

For forgotten usernames and passwords and other CareerLink questions, please contact Career Services at 715-232-1601 or

The term used by LIT to describe the act of preparing and configuring a computer for reassignment to and use by a different staff member, faculty, or student employee. The cost for a cascade is $125.

Code (2-Step)
A code is a limited temporary access code generated by the help desk if a user forgets their device used for Duo. To ensure security, codes expire after 24 hours.


CommonSpot is the UW-Stout web-management system used by staff and faculty to produce and edit campus web content. For assistance, please visit the CommonSpot Help site.


Curriculog is the automation system for curriculum approval; used to approve course and program changes. The system administrators in Registration and Records and the Provost's Office have published Best Practices and Helpful Tips, including contact information for access and assistance.