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What is it?

ImageNow is an Enterprise Content Management System and is used extensively across campus.

ImagenNow provides the following:

           Secure Electronic Document Storage

            Electronic Workflow

            Allows document sharing across campus

ImageStout - Annotations Signature Stamps

ImageStout: UW Stout uses the All Forms Name/Date Stamp for internal electronic signature approvals.

          All Forms Name/Date Stamp

          All Forms Name/Date Stamp Deny

ImageStout - Annotations Stamps

ImageStout: Stamps are used to add information to documents when processing without altering the original document.  

Stamps can be customized for your specific needs.

ImageStout - Application Plans

ImageStout: Application plans are used to set the drawer, f1, f2, f3, f4, f5 and the document type of the document.

More Technical Definition: Application plans are designed for indexing document. ImageStout uses an application plan to assign drawer, folder, and document property values to captured documents. These values store additional information about your documents and enable users to easily filter and retrieve documents stored in ImageStout.

ImageStout - Available InformationThe following information is available to you because you have an ImageStout Account

  • Accounting Documents – Invoices, Travel Docs
  • Curriculum Documents – Courses, Minutes, Program
  • Instructional Resources – Books for Courses
  • Purchase Orders
  • Declaration of Authority
  • Fleet Vehicle Reservation
  • Registration & Records Curriculum Changes
  • Senate Information

ImageStout - Batch ModeBatch Mode:  Multiple documents are scanned or printed into ImageStout and indexed later and individually indexed to each person.

ImageNow: Capture Profile Batch Mode

ImageStout - Batches

Multiple documents can be scanned or printed into ImageNow all at once and indexed later.

"Batches" is also listed on the ImageNow tool bar, this is where the batches that have been scanned/printed into the ImageNow system can be found for processing.

ImageStout - Capture Profile

ImageStout: Capture Profiles are the printing options when printing documents into ImageNow/ImageStout.

ImageStout - Custom Property

ImageStout: Additional index fields that are searchable.

ImageStout - Delete a Document

Documents that are no longer needed should be routed to "L_Forms Deleted Forms" workflow queue.

This option is found in the "route anywhere" options, it can be added to your "route forward" options also.

ImageStout - Document Type

ImageStout:  Document type tells us what kind of document it is.

More Technical:  Document type uniquely categorizes a document. Permissions can be assigned at the Document Type level as well. We use the document type for automated routing, especially in the L_Forms Complete workflow queue. Document types begin with the department prefix.

ImageStout - Drawers

Drawers are where the documents are stored in the electronic file cabinet.

Permissions are usually set at the drawer level.

Technical Definition: Drawers provide the first hierarchical level of organization for ImageNow documents. A drawer is used to separate documents and folders into logical categories. Some users think of drawers as individual departments or as a file cabinet drawer.  Drawers are created based on permissions – who needs to view/process the documents that live in a specific drawer.

ImageStout - Email a document in ImageStout

The e-mail icon is located on the toolbar next to "save".  Hovering over the icons they will tell you what they will do.

Clicking on the the e-mail icon will automatically open Microsoft Outlook and the ImageStout document can be e-mailed.

PDF attachments, ImageStout Links or WebNow Links to documents can be e-mailed.

Permissions are set at the Drawer level for e-mailing documents from ImageStout.  The e-mail icon will be grayed out if the permission hasn't been enabled

ImageNow: Email Documents

ImageStout - Folders (formally named Projects)

Folders bundle documents together in groups, similar to a manila folder.

Research Services uses folders for routing grants through workflow.  Admissions uses folders for their student records.

When routing folders through workflow, the routing options are found at the top of the folder and all documents within the folder need to be closed.

For more information refer to Routing Folders:  ImageNow: Routing Folders (Research Services Grants)

ImageStout - Linking


This is the process that assigns the document keys for document retrieval.

Application plans are used during the linking/indexing process.  They define all of the fields that will be used to hold data in order to find the documents once they are saved in the ImageStout system.

    Some application plans are setup to pull data from Access Stout (formally known as PeopleSoft) into the proper Index fields, to prevent human errors.

Auto indexing a document.
    Routing a document through workflow to set the index values of the document. Scripts will use the Campus ID, SSN, or Empl ID in Field 5 to set the Campus ID,  Empl ID, Name and in some cases Program.

    The L_Forms drawer documents will be “re-linked” once they are processed
    by the processing department.

ImageStout - L_1Forms Complete (UW Stout Term)

The last signer of a document can route to L_1Forms Complete and
the document will route to the processing department based on the document type.

If there isn’t a specified route for the document, the document will route to an error queue
and the ImageStout team is notified that a new route will be created or the owner of the document will be notified.

Refer to knowledgebase article:  ImageStout - L_1Forms Complete - Where does the document go?

ImageStout - L_Forms Worfkow (UW Stout term)

Forms workflow is UW Stout’s campus workflow session.
The L_ Forms drawer is a holding drawer, no documents permanently live in this drawer.  Once the documents arrive at their final processing department workflow queue, documents are processed and re-indexed into their final drawer.

L_Forms drawer

  • Holding drawer for processing documents – all documents are re-indexed once fully processed.

Forms Application plan – the indexing of the documents are very minimal in this drawer.

  • F1 = Last Name, First Name (can be left blank if document isn’t associated to a person)
  • F2=User ID (automatically populated)
  • F3=Date/Time (automatically populated)
  • F4=Subject (for additional information if needed, can be left blank)
  • F5=Reservation No (Leave blank, this one is for Dining to use)
  • Document type (need to select the correct document type for your document)

Forms Workflow is UW Stout’s campus workflow session.

  • UW Stout has 2 Forms workflow sessions
  • L_Forms Workflow  (most active users)
  • L_Faculty Workflow  (mostly faculty members that only need to access their workflow queue once in a while)
  • This affects the route anywhere list.

ImageStout - Routing DocumentsElectronically moving documents from workflow queue to workflow queue for processing. 

Route Anywhere:  ImageNow: Route Anywhere Options

ImageStout - Signature Stamp - Annotation (UW Stout Term)All Forms Name/Date Stamp - This stamp is used for internal signature approvals.

All Forms Name/Date Stamp Deny - This stamp is used for signature denials.

These stamps can be selected by right clicking the stamp and then left click on the stamp you need., the selection will stay until you change it.

ImageStout - Single Mode (Capture Profile)
Single Mode:  A single document is scanned or printed into ImageStout, indexed and saved at the same time. 

ImageNow: Capture Profile Forms Workflow

ImageNow: Capture Profile Card Access

ImageStout - Capture Profile Card Access (Class Roster)

ImageStout - Capture Profile Setup HR ES5 or ES6 Forms

ImageNow: Capture Profile Batch Mode

ImageNow: Back up printing options

ImageStout - Stamp AnnotationStamps are used to add information to documents when processing without altering the original document.  
Stamps are customized for your specific needs. 
The All Forms Name/Date stamp is used for internal approvals.

ImageStout - ThumbnailsShows the pages of the documents at the bottom on the screen.  
This feature can be turned on or off by the user at anytime, using the menu bar at the top of the page, choose View and then Thumbnails.

How to activate thumbnails pane:  ImageStout - Thumbnails (How to Activate)

ImageStout - ViewsCustomized Search Options for quick document retrieval.

Views are customized for your convenience, suggestions are welcome.

How to activate the views pane ImageStout: Views Pane (How to Activate)

Setting a default view ImageNow: Toolbar Default Settings

ImageStout - WebForms

What are webforms?

Webforms are forms that are filled out in a browser, upon completion of the form the "submit" button submits the form directly into ImageNow workflow for processing.

ImageStout - WebNow options are different - Why?Why are my options different when logging in with the e-mail URL versus UW Stout Logins Page

Logging into WebNow using the URL link within the e-mail alarm message will take you directly to the specific workflow queue and doesn't give any other options.

Logging into WebNow from the UW Stout Home page will give you the same options as the ImageStout Client with the exception of being able to print items into ImageStout.  ImageNow WebNow: Customize Document Window

ImageStout - WebNow vs ImageNow Client vs Perceptive ExperienceWebNow is the web version of ImageStout/Perceptive Content.  WebNow login option can be found on the UW Stout Home page under Logins    ImageNow WebNow: Customize Document Window

Mac Computers:  WebNow should be used because the ImageNow client isn't supported for Mac computers.

ImageNow Client -  Is recommended for Windows computers and should already be installed.  ImageNow: Finding the Desktop Client  

Perceptive Experience - Includes simple searching and ease of signing documents in workflow.  Perceptive Experience can be used on mobile devices after VPN has been turned on.

ImageStout - Workflow HistoryThe Workflow history will show; who looked at it, who routed it, where it was routed, and how long it was at each location.

Workflow history of a document will show where the document has been,  how long it has been in a specific workflow queue.

For more informationImageStout - Workflow History

ImageStout - Workflow QueueElectronic in basket and holds documents for processing.

Based on permissions and processes people may have multiple workflow queues.

ImageStout -Digital Signature

ImageStout: Digital Signatures are used on Grants and Purchase orders.  Only a few people use this option on campus.

A password is required when using the digital signature.  Once a digital signature is applied to a document the annotations are greyed out and no longer available.

Index Standards for UW Stout
  • Date:   yyyy-mm-dd  (ex. 2015-07-01 must show leading zeros)  
  • PO Number:   FY#### (ex. 150001 this is a six digit number)  
  • Campus ID:  ####### (seven digit number)  
  • Employee ID:  ######## (eight digit number)  
  • Payroll ID:  ######## (eight digit number)  
  • Name:  Last, First (legal name versus preferred name)  
  • Course ID:  SUBJECT course# section# (ex. MUSIC 396B 903C) no dashes used  
  • Term:  yyyyXXX (ex.  2015FA, 2015WIN, 2015SP, 2015SU)  
  • Funding:  ###-#-###### (FUND-PROG-UDDS)  (EX.  102-1-811001)  
  • UDDS:  ######  (six digit number) (ex. 811001)