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People is a directory of users within UW-Stout's Office 365 environment.  It contains names, email addresses and contact information of faculty, staff and groups at UW-Stout.  HR creates and maintains individual accounts in People.  People can also contain personal external contacts, distribution lists, and conference rooms.   People can be viewed in the Outlook Web app, Outlook Desktop app, Skype for Business and StoutCloud.  For more information on People visit Microsoft.

PermissionsPermissions are granted based on the needs of the position requirements.  Permissions are adjusted as needs change.

Permissions are granted in Groups and at the Drawer and Document Type levels. 

POTS (Plain old telephone service)  The typical, familiar model of a single phone line and a single phone number.

Prefixes (UW Stout)

Prefixes on Drawers and Document Types

Prefixes represent the department that owns the drawers and views.

A few examples:

J_ = UW River Falls
L_ = UW Stout
L_AC   = Advisement Center
L_Acct = Accounting Office
L_ADM  = Admissions
L_ART  = Art Department
L_Curr = Curriculum
L_E-Stout = Client Tech Services
L_FA  = Financial Aid
L_GS  = Graduate Studies
L_HR  = Human Resources
L_IRS = Instructional Resources
L_SBS = Student Business Services
L_RR  = Registration and Records

Push (2-Step)Duo Push is a method of 2-Step authentication that uses a mobile phone application to provide notifications that allow you to approve authentication to a protected resource. When logging in to a protected resource with your username and password, choose Duo Push on the authentication prompt. Then, tap ‘Approve’ on the push notification sent to your phone seconds later to securely access your application.