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People is a directory of users within UW-Stout's Office 365 environment.  It contains names, email addresses and contact information of faculty, staff and groups at UW-Stout.  HR creates and maintains individual accounts in People. People can also contain personal external contacts, distribution lists, and conference rooms.   People can be viewed in the Outlook Web app, Outlook Desktop app, Teams and StoutCloud.  For more information on People visit Microsoft.

Perceptive Content: Annotations
  • Annotations are used to add additional information to documents without altering the original document within the ImageNow system.
  • Annotations are permissions based.
    • Create
    • Delete
    • Hide
    • Modify
    • View
  • Available annotations:
    • Arrow
    • Check mark
    • Highlighter
    • Line
    • Pen
    • Stamp
      • Content needs to be added and can be adjusted if needed.
      • Appearance of the stamp can be adjusted.
      • Signature stamp is used for approving internal documents.
    • Sticky note.
    • Text.

ImageNow: Annotations​​​

Perceptive Content: Annotation_Signature Stamp

ImageNow Signature Stamp is a University of Wisconsin Stout Term

  • All Forms Name/Date Stamp - This stamp is used for internal signature approvals.
  • All Forms Name/Date Stamp Deny - This stamp is used for internal signature denials.

ImageNow: Perceptive Experience Signature Stamp​​​
ImageNow: Annotations​​​

Perceptive Content: Application Plans
  • Users will only see the application plans they have permissions to see.
  • Application plans set the drawer, the document type options, and sometimes document keys.
    • The list of document types is predefined by the application plan.
    • Application plans can use Access Stout to “scrape” information to the index keys.
  • Document keys store additional information about your documents and enable users to easily filter and retrieve documents stored in Perceptive Content
    • Application plans are used to set the values that are used for easy retrieval of electronic documents.

Perceptive Content: Auto Indexing

Perceptive Content/ImageNow "Automated Indexing" is a University of Wisconsin-Stout process.

  • ImageNow can automatically set the index values using Field 5.
  • ImageNow automatically pulls information using day old data (RDS database (Access Stout/PeopleSoft)).
  • We use our standard student records indexing.
    • Specific application plans are designed for this process.
    • Enter the persons, campus ID or empl ID in Field 5.
  • Fields that can be automatically populated are:
    • F1 = Empl ID
    • F2 = Last Name, First Name
    • F4 = Program
    • F5 = Campus ID
  • Human Resources uses the payroll ID in their automated process.

Perceptive Content: Batch Mode
  • Multiple documents are scanned or printed into ImageNow and indexed later.  
  • A batch can be indexed individually or the whole batch can be indexed all at once.  

ImageNow: Print Options_Batch settings​​​
ImageNow: Capture Profile Batch Mode​​​

Perceptive Content: Batches
  • Multiple documents can be scanned or printed into ImageNow all at once.
  • The documents can be indexed later or by someone other than the originator.
  • The group of documents can be indexed to multiple individuals.
  • "Batches" listed on the ImageNow tool bar.
    • Batched documents are stored here until indexed for processing or storage.

Perceptive Content: Capture Profile
  • Capture Profiles:
    • Printing options when printing documents into the Perceptive Content Desktop Client.
    • Users can have as many capture profile options they need.
    • Capture profiles are saved locally on computers under the users login.
    • Capture profiles can route the document to a specific workflow queue.
    • Capture profiles are backed up and can be restored when needed.

ImageNow: Capture Profile Forms Workflow​​​
ImageNow: Capture Profile HR ES Forms​​​
ImageNow: Capture Profile Card Access​​​
ImageNow: Capture Profile Batch Mode​​​

Perceptive Content: Custom Property
  • Additional index fields that are searchable.

  • Unlimited options.

  • Can auto populate with automated indexing.

  • Used by multiple departments including but not limited to the following:

    • Admissions

    • Human Resources


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