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Reimaging is the process of reinstalling a computer's operating system and default campus applications. A backup should always be performed by the user prior to a reimage. This applies to all students, faculty, and staff. All reimages will be done at the Technology Help Desk in Sorensen Hall. See Data Responsibility and Backup.

Route AnywhereRoute Anywhere is a list of everyone in a specific workflow session.  
This can be referred to as your long list. This list cannot be modified.
Route Back

Route back will route the document back to the last workflow queue it was routed from and won't show where it is routing to.

Route ForwardRoute Forward is a predefined list and can be adjusted by the imaging team at anytime.  
This is the list of people you route to most often and can be referred to as your short list

Route UpRoute up will show where the document has been and can be used to route a document back to someone.