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Skype is an application that provides video chat and voice services that uses VoIP technology.  Users can send and receive text, voice and video messages.

Two types of Skype accounts - Personal and Business which is campus managed.

    • Personal accounts belong to the individual using that accounts.
    • Business accounts are managed accounts that connect through the UW-Stout hosted Skype system


IP telephony software that lets users send and receive telephone calls over the internet using a computer rather than using dedicated telephone hardware. It is typically used with a headset and microphone.


Student Technological Assistance and Resources organization (STAR), a self-managed student organization that performs numerous invaluable services in support of campus technology including the front line support provided by the Technology Help Desk.

Stout Share

Stout Share is the system by which students can share information found within Access Stout with parents and others to whom they delegate permission.


StoutAlert (powered by Rave) is the campus' emergency alert and notification system. Please contact University Police with questions or visit their StoutAlert site.