Learning Glass Tips

Learning Glass tips, and best practices

Learning Glass Tips

Plan ahead. 
Plan out your presentation in advance  with an outline, sketch, or notes..
If it's a long presentation, look for natural breaks, and create multiple videos. 

Keep it short. 
One topic, One point, One Glass. 
If you can’t fit it all on the Glass, then you can’t fit it in a single video.

What to wear
Do not wear light or bright clothing. 
It obscures the text when you are standing behind it. 

Darker clothing, without distracting patterns, is best. 

No text on clothing. 
The Learning Glass is mirrored so all printed text will be backwards.

Best Practices
The recommended practices for creating a Learning Glass video are no different than making any kind of instructional video. 

Do one or two takes.

It doesn't have to be perfect.
Inconsequential mistakes are humanizing.

A good presentation, on a important topic, can have instructional value for years.

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