AccessStout: Share My Information - Stout Share for Students

This document provides step-by-step instructions to allow students to "Share My Information" from AccessStout.

Share My Information is a feature of AccessStout that allows students to optionally share various pieces of information with another person(s) for viewing. The pieces of information that are shareable include:

  • Admissions Data: Application Status, To Do List, Transfer Credit Report
  • Student Financials Data: Account Activity, Account Summary, Charges Due Details, Payments
  • Student Records Data: Class Schedule, Grades
Students are able to choose which pieces of information they want to share, and they are able to modify that choice any time they wish, by adding or removing transactions or contacts. 

To share your information:
  1. Log in to AccessStout with your user id and password.

  2. AccessStout Login page for user id and password

  3. Confirm your identity using Duo 2-Step (if you have not already done so).

  4. Duo 2Step Notification Page

  5. Select the Classic Home tile on the Student Homepage.

  6. AccessStout Student Homepage with Classic Home Tile

  7. Select the Self Service menu item on the left menu bar. 

  8. AccessStout Self Service Menu Item

  9. Select the Share My Information option on the Self Service page.

  10. Share My Information option on Self Service Page

  11. The Share My Information - Summary page will be displayed. From here, you are allowed to :
    • Delegate access to a new contact.
    • Edit an existing contact's information or the transactions/information they have access to.
    • Completely delete an existing contact.

  12. Share My Information - Summary Page

  13. When the Edit button is selected, you can change the information you would like to share. After all information is correct, select the Save button.

  14. Share My Information - Details (Edit)

  15. When the Delegate Access to a New Contact button is selected, you will be taken to the Share My Information Terms and Conditions page. Select the I Accept button to accept the terms and conditions, or the I Decline button to decline them.

  16. Delegate Access To A New Contact Button
    Share My Information Terms and Conditions Page

  17. If you accept the terms and conditions while delegating access to a new contact, the Share My Information - Details page will be displayed. This page allows you to enter the contact details for that person and select the information/transactions you would like them to have access to. Note: Email addresses are case sensitive here. For best results, type the email address in all lowercase letters. Select the Save button to save the information for the contact.

  18. Share My Information Details (New Contact)

  19. After saving, a message will appear, informing you about the contact's next steps. Select the OK button, and you will see a page informing you that your save was successful. Select the OK button to close this page.

  20. Email notification to contact message Save confirmation page

An email message will be sent to the contact's email address, notifying them that you have shared information with them and containing instructions (and links) for them to complete their account setup.