Office 365: Learning Center

How to get started with Office 365 for Education. Includes how-to's for sign in, installation, setup, and usage.

Office 365 Learning Center

Microsoft maintains excellent resources for the use and installation of Office 365 in their Office 365 for Education Learning Center.

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Please note that Office 365 is a robust and dynamic service; UW-Stout technology staff are not experts in all aspects of Office 365 nor its components. Users are encouraged to explore the features of Office 365, utilize Microsoft’s online training materials via the Learning Center, and explore other sites, such as, for training and how-to's.

Support for the installation of Office 365 by the Technology Help Desk is limited to consultation. Computers must meet Microsoft's Office 365 system requirements and have internet access. Problems with installation may arise due to malware or hardware issues; the Technology Help Desk can only provide general guidance for resolving these issues and cannot service personally-owned computers in the walk up help desk.

Support for Personally-Owned Computers and Home Networks

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