Printer Scanning: Choose scan folder at Lanier/Ricoh Printer

How to choose scan folder at Lanier Ricoh network Printer

Quick Directions:

  1. Put paper in the scan tray.

  2. Click Scanner button at printer.

  3. Find username in address book.

  4. Choose folder option if not already chosen by default (scan to email is not supported).

  5. Push Start.

Detailed Directions at the Printer Screen:

  1. Click the Scanner button.
    On older machines, this will be a physical button.
    On newer mahcines, this will be on the touch-screen display.

  2. Choose folder (or a picture of a folder) from options on screen (models may vary on view).

  3. After folder option is chosen, pick a user from the address book. 
    When a user is selected it will look like the example below:  Notice the first part of the address SMB:\\

  4. Load original to be scanned and click the Start button. 

The scanned document will move to the user's OneDrive scans folder.


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