Networking Printing: Campus Printer offline or grayed out

Student unable to print to campus network printer, that is offline or greyed out is device manager

The printer is offline or grayed out on a student workstation or student laptop and will not print.


To Fix:

  1. Make sure you are online and connected to StoutSecure or the Stout network through an Ethernet cable
  2. Launch the UW-Stout Campus Printer Installer found in program menu
  3. If prompted for credentials put in and password.
  4. Check the Remember my credentials box.
  5. Printer will authenticate and connect to print server (Go online).

Example: Student laptop installing printer

logging in

Helpful Prints

Right-click on UW-Stout Campus Printers in the program menu and send to desktop.  It will create a shortcut on the desktop for you to quickly launch the application.


If the above does not work: 

1. Go to the printer and right click on the printer and delete.

2. Re-install the printer from the print utility

3. If codes are needed add those back to preferences

Note:  If a student is not an Administrator on the computer or is trying to use a student laptop (not recommended) to print.  The computer may need to reconnect and authenticate to the print server.  

  1. To do this the student must launch the print utility in the program menu UW-Stout Campus Printer
  2. When the print utility launches it authenticates the students user credentials that were put in during installation.  
  3. If the student did check Remember my credentials box or has changed password they will need to re-enter password into utility.  
  4. Student will need to launch this print utility application on non-domain computers to print if jobs are not printing (Every network session)
  5. Refer to tip above for convenience in launching print utility 

Change of password, best to just delete printer and re-install

Check if printer requires code if still not working 

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