Networking Printing: Hold, Lock or Pause Print with User Code on Ricoh Printer Copiers

Use this function to maintain privacy when printing confidential documents on the machine over a shared network. When using Locked Print, it is not possible to print unless a password is entered on the machine's control panel. Your confidential documents will be safe from being viewed by other people.

Locked print allows jobs to be sent securely to the printer and held there until you physically arrive at the printer to pick them up.

  1. Go to the Start Menu or the Search Windows box on Windows 10 and search for devices and printers
  2. Right-click on the printer that you want to set up, and choose printing preferences.
  3. Go to the Detailed Settings tab and select Job Setup under Menu.
  4. Change Job Type to Locked Print

    Printing Prefereces 

  5. Click on Details, and drop down User ID.  Choose Windows Login Name from list, a unique Id can also be created but windows login name is preferred.
  6. Put in a 4-8 digit number password that you will use at printer to print locked job.
  7. Click OK to close the Printing Preferences dialog box. You are now ready to send print jobs

    Printing Preferences

  8. To print a locked item that you have sent to the printer, click on the Printer button.

    Print Control Screen

  9. Then click on Print Jobs.

    print control

  10. Click on your print item to select it, and then click print. Enter your password  you created earlier when prompted.

    Print list  enter password

*Printers can only hold so many locked print jobs (depends on the printer),  please do not leave or abandon prints as it could potentially prohibit someone else from using this feature.

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