Networking Printing (Apple): Adding Print Code to Printer Settings

How to add printer/copy codes to local printer settings on a Apple computer


Print code or copy code - Contact department associate for codes (Read Disclaimer at bottom)

Printer must already be installed. See Networking Printing (Apple, Faculty/Staff): Installing Campus Printers - Advanced 

  1. Open Microsoft Word.

  2. Select File > Print.

  3. Choose the printer from the drop-down that you'd like to add a code to.

    Example of printer selection and job log location

  4. Select the drop-down next to Copies & Pages and select Job Log.

  5. In the Job Log menu, click the checkbox to Enable User Code and enter your code.

    Example of where to enter the usercode

  6. At the top of the window, select the drop-down next to Default Settings and select Save Current Settings as Preset...

    Example of the preset menu location

  7. Give your preset a name (such as Code), select Only this Printer, then click Ok.

    Example of preset settings

  8. Every time you print to this printer from now on, you will want to make sure that the preset you just created is selected.

    Example of what you will see when printing with a code preset


If print job does not print, try some of the following tips or contact the technology help desk with printer name and code at 715-232-5000, at, or stop at the helpdesk located in Sorensen Hall 105.


LIT will provide the following support: 

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