AccessStout (StoutShare): Delegate Access Explained for Parents and others

UW-Stout students can authorize others to view information and make payments.

Access can be granted by a student to allow a delegate to

View Grades, Class Schedules, and Financial Account Information through StoutShare (Access Stout) 


Make Payments via the University of Wisconsin - Stout Student Account Suite

Though similar, the process by which a student grants access are different; both processes must be done to enable viewing/sharing and the ability to make payments.  

Instructions for students to:

Set up delegate access to allow viewing of grades, class schedules, and financial account information (courtesy of Registration and Records)


Authorize a user to make payments to student accounts (courtesy of Student Business Services)

Help and Troubleshooting

[Link for document 55534 is unavailable at this time.]

AccessStout: Delegate Access for authorized user to make payments to a student's account

Note: Guest deposits to students Baseline, Baseline Plus, or Flexline accounts (not tuition) can be made via the Online Card Office (courtesy of Campus Card)