Network Printing: Installing Campus Printers on Apple computer from UW-Stout Self Service

How to use UW-Stout Self Service to install network printers on campus-owned computers

Faculty and staff can independently install many campus printers using the Self Service application on your campus-owned Apple computer.

  1. Locate the Self Service app in your Applications folder and double-click it to launch it or type Self Serve in spotlight search and launch application
  2. Login with Stout credentials when prompted

    Self Service Login

  3. Once logged in, click on Printers in the menu
  4. Click on the printer you would like to install.

    Install menu

  5. If printer requires print codes a message will pop up during installation. 

    Codes needed message

  6.  If you don't know your codes please contact your department representative or ADA for codes.  Once the code follow Networking Printing (Apple): Adding Print Code to Printer Settings 
  7.  If printer is not listed, please go follow directions to install the printer manually.  Networking Printing (Apple, Faculty/Staff): Installing Campus Printers - Advanced

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