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Network Scanning: Configure scans folder to OneDrive

Setting up scans folder to OneDrive on Lanier and Ricoh multifunction printers.

Once configured, files will be scanned to a "scans" folder in the chosen location for retrieval. Instructions for one-time setup, starting with the creation and configuration of the "scans" folder follow.

  1. Log into your Outlook Web App (OWA) (via a web browser)

  2. In the OWA webpage, in the upper left-hand corner of the page, click on the App Launcher (square comprised of nine, smaller squares)

    App Launcher with OneDrive Circled

  3. Choose OneDrive.

  4. Click (+) New, then Folder.

    New Folder

  5. Name the folder "scans" (lowercase and plural) then click the Create button

    New folder named scans

  6. Hover your mouse over the new scans folder. Click on the entry in the last column (this should be labeled Private).

    Your new "scans" folder

  7. Click the + symbol next to Direct Access.

  8. In the Grant Access pane, enter scanuser as the recipient's name.

  9. Double check that the permission level is set at Can edit.

    Grant Access Preferences

  10. Click Grant Access.

  11. You will see a check-mark letting you know that access was granted.

    Access has been granted

  12. If you receive an Undeliverable email message, feel free to delete it. This is a normal part of this process.

    Undeliverable message from Microsoft

  13. If you have not already done so, create a self-service helpdesk ticket to complete the configuration of the scan folder. Please:
    • Include in the helpdesk ticket the name of the multifunction network printer you wish to use. A sticker on the device will identify it.

      printer sticker sample
    • If you do not know the printer name, please supply the help desk with the building name and room number where the printer is located.

    • A technology staff person will configure the printer and a closed ticket email will confirm the configuration is complete.

NOTE:  Disregard the "Undeliverable to scanuser" email received.  You get this because scanuser is not an email account but an administrative account managed by IT.

If scan does not work after job ticket is completed:

  • Wait 5 minutes
  • Check OneDrive scans folder from your Outlook Web App (via a browser)
  • Users who sync to OneDrive may see delays when checking the scans folder via file browser on the computer.

Call help desk with any error messages at printer and reference previous help desk ticket number.

**Only Ricoh and Lanier scanners are supported. 

*Other printers models such as HP with scanner capabilities are not supported with scanning system


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