1. Asset Management (Computer Inventory): Verify, change users, add note, etc.
  2. Asset Management (Individuals): Check assigned computers (for faculty and staff)
  3. Asset Management (Surplus): Sending IT Hardware to surplus
  4. Asset Management: Transferring Computers and Printers to other Departments
  5. Asset Management: Transferring a computer to another department or user
  6. Asset Management: UW-Stout Faculty/Staff Computer Theft (or loss) Procedure
  7. Asset Management: FAQS
  8. Purchasing Raspberry Pi's and other low cost computer options
  9. Asset Management: Preparing to surplus or reassign an iPad or iPod
  10. Asset Management: Designating or changing a departmental inventory administrator
  11. Asset Management: What happens after a faculty/staff computer is ordered?
  12. Faculty or staff bad, lost, or broken power cord or battery