1. Canvas: Create Assignments for My Media Files
  2. Canvas: Submitting a My Media File
  3. AirMedia: Connecting a Laptop
  4. Connecting a laptop using the HDMI cable
  5. Kaltura: Downloading Kaltura Capture
  6. Kaltura: Kaltura Capture Quiz Tool
  7. Kaltura: Kaltura Capture Introduction
  8. Canvas: Embedding Media
  9. Kaltura: Editing Kaltura Capture Videos
  10. Canvas: Lockdown Browser
  11. LinkedIn Learning: Technology training for UW-Stout students, faculty, and staff
  12. D2L Course Migration to Canvas
  13. Canvas: Getting started with Canvas at UW-Stout
  14. Instructional Technologies and Learning Services - Service family
  15. Epson Brightlink
  16. Canvas: Support Access 24/7/365
  17. e-Textbook Support Resources
  18. Canvas: Creating a Master Course
  19. Canvas: Creating a content link in a page
  20. Setting up BbC and Camera System in Sorensen Hall Room 201 & 205
  21. Canvas: E-Textbooks
  22. Canvas: Adding Badges to a Canvas Course
  23. Canvas: Tagging My Media Content
  24. Campus Software - Set Adobe Reader as Default PDF viewer from Acrobat (Windows)
  25. Audacity [Glossary item]