1. Learning Glass
  2. Learning Glass User Instructions
  3. Learning Glass Reservation and Scheduling
  4. Using the Bluray Player Within a Classroom
  5. How to Use the Samsung SDP-960 Document Camera
  6. AirMedia: Connecting a Laptop
  7. Connecting a laptop using the HDMI cable
  8. Available Media Equipment
  9. HDCP error: Cannot project video from laptop
  10. USB MXL Microphone: Set-Up Guide
  11. Logitech USB Headset: Components, Set-Up, and Troubleshooting
  12. Problems Projecting: Simple Tips for Classrooms
  13. AirMedia: Quick tips and troubleshooting hints
  14. USB HoverCam Document Camera: Set-Up Guide
  15. Setting up BbC and Camera System in Sorensen Hall Room 201 & 205
  16. AirMedia (Windows): Installation on Faculty/Staff Computers
  17. Using the Elmo P30HD Document Camera
  18. AV Cart: User Guide and Set-Up
  19. Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam (Alien): Setting up the ConferenceCam
  20. Crestron Enhanced Touch Panel: Classroom Control System
  21. Classroom Technology Assistance
  22. Distance Learning Lab/Classrooms 201 and 205 in Sorensen Hall