Connect to a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Application

Explains the process to connect to a windows virtual desktop (WVD) application via the web or the remote desktop application.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)  is a technology that allows users to connect to an application on a remote system - bypassing the need to install the application locally. WVD applications can be accessed in two ways, via a web browser or by downloading the remote desktop client and subscribing to a feed. In most cases, the application will respond better by downloading the client and subscribing to a feed. VPN is not needed with either method. 

Connect with a web browser: 
  1. Browse to If you have already signed in to a Microsoft service, you'll be taken directly to a list of applications. If so, skip to step 5.
  2. When prompted, enter your campus email address
  3. Select Work or school account
  4. Enter your password
  5. Select the desired application
  6. At the Access local resources prompt, choose Allow.

    Allow Access

  7. Enter your campus username (not email address) and password and click OK.
  8. Check your phone and respond to the DUO prompt. 

Connect by subscribing to a feed: 
  1. Download and install the remote desktop client by selecting the appropriate version from this link:
  2. Open the remote desktop application and click on Subscribe
  3. When prompted, enter your campus email address.
  4. Select Work or school account
  5. If prompted, enter your password
  6. Select the desired application
  7. Enter your campus credentials when prompted. 
  8. Check your phone and respond to the DUO prompt. 
Additional Information
  • Once you've subscribed to a feed, the applications that you have access to will appear in your start menu. 
  • New applications will be sent to your feed automatically but if you would like to do a manual refresh, select more options in the client and choose Refresh

  • You will not be prompted on the screen to respond to a DUO prompt. You will only see a screen that says Starting your app so please check your phone as a prompt will be sent. 

  • By default, the application will have access to use your locally installed printers and the clipboard on your computer. 
  • By default, the application will save files to the remote computer. If you want to save a document locally, please choose Save As and pick the C on C-12345 option to save on your local hard drive. 


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