Canvas (Known Issue) - New Quizzes Can't be Copied Between Instances

Users of Canvas's "New Quizzes" platform (as opposed to "Classic Quizzes") in the University of Wisconsin System Digital Learning Environment may encounter an issue where New Quizzes cannot be copied from one instance of Canvas (Instructional, Continuing Education, or Training & Development) to another.
Users can tell which instance of Canvas a course is in by navigating to the course and looking at the subdomain of the URL:
    When an instructor attempts to import a quiz from the Instructional instance to the Continuing Education or Training & Development instance (or vice versa) through the normal Canvas course import process, the process will fail and they will get an "Unsupported content package" error:
    Canvas Course Import tool, displaying the Current Jobs list. A job titled "Canvas Common Cartridge" has failed, with an "Unsupported content package" error.
    Similarly, when a user attempts to export a New Quiz as a .zip or QTI file (to be manually imported into another course later), they will discover that the New Quiz content is not available to export as a file.
    Users can successfully copy New Quizzes between courses in the same sub-account or even between different sub-accounts on the same instance.This means that an instructor could copy New Quizzes between one semester and the next, between courses taught for one department and another, and even between courses taught for different University of Wisconsin campuses participating in the Digital Learning Environment. This error only occurs when attempting to copy courses between the Instructional, Training & Development, and Continuing Education instances.
    There is currently no workaround except for re-creating a quiz from scratch.

    For more information on New Quizzes, see the Canvas Community New Quizzes guides.

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