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AccessStout (Stout Share): Delegated Access to a Student's AccessStout account

This document provides step by step instructions for the Proxy/Delegated users that students have granted permissions to view select AccessStout information through the "Share My Information" feature in AccessStout.

When a student decides to use the Share My Information feature of AccessStout to allow view access to some of their Admissions, Student Records, or Financial Account data, the person they select becomes the "delegated" or "proxy" user. The information contained within this document provides instructions to the delegated/proxy user to do the following:

  • Set up their account
  • View the information as granted through Stout Share in AccessStout.
    1. Once a student completes the steps needed in order to share their information, the selected person (delegate/proxy) will receive a notification via email at the email address entered by the student informing them that access has been granted and providing additional instructions on setting up their account.

      Proxy Email

      The email contains important information for accessing and navigating AccessStout and viewing the student’s information. The first step is to follow the link in step 1 in the email and create an account. Do not delete this email until the log in process has been completed as there is still important information within.

    2. A new page should appear after the link is selected. The purpose of this page is to either: 
      • Allow new/first time StoutShare users to create an account and accept the Terms and Conditions agreement (use the bottom half of the form and the Create Account button); or
      • Allow existing StoutShare users to accept the Terms and Conditions agreement for another student (use the top part of the form to enter your existing StoutShare userid and password and select the sign-in button)
    3. If you are a new, first time StoutShare user, please enter the information under the Create Account section and select Create Account. If you are a returning StoutShare user who has received an invitation to view another student's information, please enter your existing user id and password in the top section and select Sign In.

      Stout Share Register or Login

      Once you select Create Account, you should see this page show up on the screen. No action is necessary here; it’s just logging you in with the credentials that you entered. 

      AutoLogger Page

    4. After a new account is created you will automatically be signed into AccessStout and will be required to enter the Security code from the email that was received and re-enter the email address that received the email.

      Proxy Terms and Conditions

      Note that the Email field is case sensitive; for best results type your email address in lowercase letters.

    5. If the information entered is correct, a new screen will be displayed asking you to logout and close your browser for the changes to take effect. Select the Ok button.

      Completion - Please Log Out

      You will automatically be logged out. Please close your browser. Closing your browser completely will ensure that you will more easily be able to log in during the next step.

      Logged Out Please Close Browser

    6. To sign back in, open your browser and go to This link is also included in the email that you received. Use the userid and password that you created previously.
      Stout Share Login Page

    7. You will be taken to the Stout Share Home Page. The tiles on this page will give you immediate access to all of the transactions that a student may have delegated to you.

      Stout Share Home Page

      Note: Tiles for all of the transactions will be visible, even if the student has not delegated that specific transaction.

    8. If you select a tile and see a screen with no search box and the text “No matching values were found”, this means that the student(s) have not given you permission to this information. You can always return to the Stout Share Home Page by selecting the Home button in the upper right hand corner of the page.

      No Matching Values

    9. If only one student has given you access to a transaction, you will automatically see that student’s data when selecting a transaction tile.

      One student example

    10. If multiple students have given you access, you will be prompted to enter the Student’s First Name and select the Search button. If a match is found, that student’s data will be displayed.

      Multiple Students search

    11. You can always return to the Stout Share Home Page by selecting the Home button/link on the top right side of the page.

      Home and Logout Links at top

    12. When you are finished, please sign out by selecting the Sign Out link on the top right side of the page.

You can access the site again by going to:

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