Admin by Request (Mac): Requesting Admin Access

This document outlines the ways to request administrative privilege's using Admin by Request on a Apple Macintosh computer.

Admin by Request allows you to elevate your rights as required, while having basic user rights when administrative rights are not necessary. This is a self-service tool that does not require any intervention by LIT staff when you elevate your rights. It will allow you to have administrative rights to your workstation, or to just a single application when you need it. You can elevate your rights at any time, whether you are on campus or not.   You should rarely need administrative sessions on your computer, however, in the event you do, there are several ways to request admin permissions.

Elevating the Entire Session

  1. You can click Request administrator access from the menu bar.

    Request admin access menu barOr select the Administrative Access icon in the dock or in the applications folder
    Administrative Access Icon
  2. After making the request, type a reason for requesting administrative access and click OK.
    Enter reason
  3. Review the code of conduct and click OK.
    Code of Conduct

  4.  Notice the timer in the lower right-hand corner of your screen which shows how long your administrative session will last.
    Click Finish if you wish to end the session sooner.


Actions may require administrative access

On rare occasions an action you take may require administrative access. In the example below, the user is dragging an application into the trash  and Admin by Request prompts for the user to enter their credentials. The user enters their credentials and click "OK" and the action is successful 

Action requiring admin access


  • If you have any issues with Admin by Request, please contact the Technology Helpdesk with your username, the device's C-number, and what error message you are getting.

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