Networking Printing (Windows Computers): Installing Department Printers On Your Laptop

Article on how to install campus printers for faculty and staff members and student workers around campus.

The Printer Installer Utility is currently not working as described in this KB. Please view "Adding a printer without the Print Utility" section of the KB.

Admin By Request

All faculty/staff laptops are equipped with the Admin by Request software. If you are installing a printer on a faculty/staff computer, please elevate with Admin by Request before starting the directions in this article.

Directions for Admin by Request are available here: Admin by Request (Windows): Requesting Admin Access

For Student workers only: (Faculty and staff can skip to step 6 below)

  1. Printer installs are per user profile--Every user that logs into a campus computer will need to install the printer and configure codes if they are required on the printer that is being installed.
  2. Press Windows button and search Credential Manager

  3. Go to Windows Credentials and select Add a Windows credential
  4. Type "\\stout_print_1" in the "Internet or network address" field

    Do Not Use:

    (should look like this once done)

  5. Click on Save
  6. Close Credential Manager and search for "UW-Stout Campus Printer Installer" (If it is not already installed you will need to install if from the Company Portal)

  7. Find the desired printer by filling out the fields and click Install Printers.

  8. Printer have now been installed.
  9.  If printer requires a code you should ask department associates for a code or have supervisor request a code be setup on the printer then contact the help desk.

   Once user has code follow this guide to add the code: Networking Printing (PC): Adding Print Code to Printer Preferences

Adding a printer without the Print Utility:

Make sure you have the correct credentials by following step 1-5 above. (only for students)

  1. Press Windows button + R
  2. Enter \\stout_print_1 in the text field and press OK.

  3. Find printer name in the list of printers

  4. Double click desired printer to add
  5. When the printer has been successfully added the print queue will open.
  6. If print codes are required they need to be provided to you by the department you are working for.

    Once you have print codes you can follow this article on how to add them: Networking Printing (PC): Adding Print Code to Printer Preferences

If you're still having issues, please submit a ticket to get assistance with installing a printer.

Ticket Portal 

Directions for installing printers:

Networking Printing (PC): Adding Print Code to Printer Preferences

Network Printing (Faculty/Staff): Macs

A note about printing to campus printers on student laptops:

If a student employee has a need to print from their assigned (eStout) laptop, the above instructions will work, but because the laptops are not attached to the UW-Stout domain, the printer will need to be deleted and re-added each time the laptop disconnects from the campus network, including when the laptop is shut down or rebooted.

See Also:

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