Networking Printing (Windows Computers): Installing Campus Printers

First check to see if the UW-Stout Campus Printer Installer Utility is installed on computer.

All faculty/staff laptops are equipped with the Admin by Request software. If you are installing a printer on a faculty/staff computer, please elevate with Admin by Request before starting the directions in this article.

Directions for Admin by Request are available here: Admin by Request (Windows): Requesting Admin Access

In the search for Windows box type UW-Stout Campus Printer Installer and click the desktop app in the search results

Printer Utility

If installed, launch the UW-Stout campus printer installer utility and skip to step 4

To Install Utility:

  1. Click on UW-Stout Campus Printer Installer Utility
  2. Click Install and follow prompts to install utility
  3. When installation is complete, the Printer Installation window will open

  4. Choose the building where printer is located and put in room number if known. Then click the Search button. Note: If room is unknown you can click search and it will list printers for the building.
  5. Check the box next to the printers that you want to install and click Install Printers at bottom of window. 

Student Workers

1.  Enter if prompted for login

Be patient; the utility is downloading drivers and installing the printer on your computer.

2.  When Installation is complete, a message box will let you know. Click on OK. The selected printer is now installed. 

TIP:  The print install utility can be used to install other campus printers at a later time.  Go to Start Menu to launch the UW-Stout Campus Printer Installer.

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