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ImageNow: Search for Student Information

We will take a look at how to search for student information using Perceptive Experience.

Frequent Search options have been created and are designed to search limited drawers for specific results.  

  • L_Frequent Searches_Academic
  • L_Frequent Searches_ADA's
  • L_Frequent Searches_Business Managers
  • These search options should used instead of the L_All Documents option.
  • The L_All Documents option should ONLY be used if the desired results are not returned
  • The L_All Documents search uses an extreme amount of server resources each time it is ran.

Defining the search options:

  • Each search option is looking
    • at all of the index keys (F1, F2, F3, F4, and F5)
    • looking in the defined drawers
  • Recommended searches for the best results are:
    • Is Equal To = Campus ID or Empl ID
    • Starts with = Last Name
  • Is Equal To
    • Is an exact match.
    • Example:  Campus or Empl ID
  • Contains
    • contains the requested information.
    • Example:  A word or two of a program name
  • Ends with
    • Ends with the requested information.
    • Example:  date or year
  • Starts With
    • Starts with the requested information.
    • Example:  Last Name


  1. Choose Documents
  2. Scroll down in the view column on the left to find:    L_Frequent Searches_Academic

  3. Click Frequent Search- Is Equal To
  4. Enter Student Campus or Empl Id
  5. Click OK

  6. All of the students documents that you have access to will appear
    • The following search example shows documents in multiple drawers
    • Returned 13 documents (lower right corner)
  7. Double click to open the document you need

See Also:

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