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Perceptive Content: Make a Copy

We will talk about how to create a copy of a doucment within Perceptive Content/Perceptive Content using the new document option.

Create a new document within Perceptive Content/ImageNow or re-index a page.

  • Activate the thumbnails pane if needed:  Activate the thumbnails pane
  • Within the Thumbnails pane:
    • Select the page or pages that need to be copied to a new document or re-indexed
    • Then select the new document icon within the thumbnails pane

There are a few options here when re-indexing the new document.

  • The copy document dialog box appears
  • Select an application plan, leave blank if not needed.
  • Location
    • Most of the time the drawer location is the same
    • It can be adjusted here if needed
  • Properties
    • Adjusting the Index keys - at least one index key needs to be adjusted.
    • If not, the new document will not be created
  • Custom Properties
    • Can be adjusted here if needed
  • Document options
    • Can send the document to a specific workflow queue if desired
    • Check the Send to workflow queue box
    • Select the workflow queue
    • If not, leave the box unchecked
  • Page Options
    • Put a check mark in front of the Remove from original document
    • Can delete a page automatically if it isn't needed with the original document

When finished, choose OK

The new document is created and the dialog box will disappear.

If you cannot find a solution to your imagenow issue click here to create a ticket

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