Perceptive Content: Quick Reference Sheet

Quick Reference to some of the most popular problems/questions.

Quick Reference Sheets

Preparing for New Faculty and Staff: Technology Access Checklist

New Faculty and Staff Technology Orientation

Requesting new software (for faculty and staff)



Logging in

Full UW Stout email address is required for the username because UW River Falls is using our Perceptive Content server and this tells the server which database to use.

Route Forward Lists

To update your route forward list or request your route forward list, please put in a HelpDesk Ticket: then choose the Create Ticket (Log in)

Moving between Documents and Workflow queues

Viewing documents in documents, workflow or folders without going back to the ImageNow Toolbar each time:  Perceptive Content: Viewing and Searching for Documents

Printing into ImageNow

Views (Searching for Documents)

All Documents Search

We created some options to help you find your documents faster. These options look in the drawers where your documents will be found. Perceptive Content: "NEW" All Documents Search Options
  • L_2All Documents_Budget Information
  • L_2All Documents_Curriculum
  • L_2All Documents_HR Docs
  • L_2All Documents_Student Records
  • L_3All Documents_Document Type
Each options looks at all 5 index fields to help find the document you are looking for faster.
  • Contains
  • Created by
  • Created by you
  • Ends with
  • Is Equal To
  • Starts with

Webforms (aka – fly away forms) 

What are webforms?:  Perceptive Content: WebForms

Finding Webforms: Perceptive Content: Finding Webforms

  • Webforms can easily be found here.  The newest form will be listed at the top.  To activate the search, choose the document type and then choose Go

Thumbnail Pane

Activate the Thumbnails pane: Perceptive Content: Thumbnails

Substitution or Waivers Forms 

Searching for Substituion or Waiver forms for students:Perceptive Content: Substitution/Waiver Forms

Credit by Exam and Portfolio process

Merging Documents

  • Merging documents: 
    • How to merge documents: Perceptive Content: Merging Documents
    • Documents MUST be in the same drawer to be merged.  If documents are in different drawers the “merge’ option won’t appear.
    • Right click on the document to keep the indexing properties when merging documents.

Emailing Documents from ImageNow

  • Email permissions are set at the drawer level.  If you can’t email, it may be because email isn’t allowed from that specific drawer.  If it is something you would like to do, let us know at 

  • Email documents that are in ImageNow: Perceptive Content: Email Documents


L_1Forms Complete Workflow Queue


New Documents Feature or re-index a page within ImageNow

Sibling Documents

  • Sibling documents happen with a document is routed to multiple workflow queues at the same time for approvals.  Currently HR is using this method for approvals: samples below:

    • ES Forms

    • Summer Contracts

    • LTE Requests

    • There may be others……

  • The sibling documents join up in one of two “join” queues.  L_HR Join(docs) and HR ES Complete workflow queues

  • Checking sibling history:  Perceptive Content: Document History (HR Docs)

Delete a Form in Workflow

  • How to delete an unneeded form in ImageNow:  

    • Sub Waiver forms are not deleted from the system at this time.

    • Sub/Waiver Forms Route forward to:  L_AC_1Sub/Waiver Deny

    • L_Forms Workflow can be routed to “L_Forms Delete Forms”.

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