2-Step: Logging in Using 2-Step Authentication (Mobile Device and FOB)

This document will provide instructions for logging in to a service that requires 2-Step Authentication using a Mobile Device and a FOB.

  1. Navigate to the UW-Stout Logins page and click on the system that you need to log in to.

    UW-STout Common Logins Screen

  2. Log in using your UW-Stout username and password.

    UW-Stout Login Screen

  3. You will be prompted to choose an authentication option. Before you choose one of the options, check the Remember me for 12 hours box. The authentication will be remembered for 12 hours unless you lose internet connectivity, close out of a browser, or shut down your computer. You will need to re-authenticate if any of the mentioned happens.

    2-STep Authentication. Remember me for 12 Hours

Click on one of the following options for the instructions for your specific device.

If you forgot your 2-Step Device click on the following link for directions on getting a one time passcode:

 Send Me a Push (Using a Mobile Device)

  1. Click Send Me a Push.  This will automatically send a notification to the DUO mobile app.

    DUO Send Me a Push

  2. Open the Duo Mobile App on your phone.

    DUO Mobile App

  3. Tap on the green notification bar at the top.

    Duo Prompt Screen

  4. Click the green Approve at the bottom to authorize the log in.

    Duo Accept

  5. Once the push has been approved, you will be logged into the system on your computer.

 Enter a Passcode (Using a Mobile Device)

Note:  This process can be used if your mobile device does not have a good signal or connection.

  1. Click Enter a Passcode.

    Duo Enter a Passcode

  2. Open the Duo Mobile App on your phone.

    Duo Mobile App

  3. Click on DUO-PROTECTED UW-Stout to locate the passcode.  

    Duo Mobile App Passcode

  4. Within 90 seconds from opening the DUO app, enter the passcode in the prompt box and click on Log In.

    6 digit passcode from a mobile device

  5. Once the passcode has been logged in, you will be logged into the system on your computer.

 Enter a Passcode (Using a Duo FOB)

  1. Click Enter a Passcode

    Enter A Passcode

  2. Press the green button on the front of your Duo FOB. The FOB will display a 6 digit code.  


  3. Enter the six digit code that appears on your FOB immediately.  You only have 90 seconds after you click on the "Enter a Passcode" to enter the six digit code.  Click on Log In.

    Enter a Passcode

  4. Once the passcode has been logged in, you will be logged into the system on your computer.

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