Canvas - File Storage and Quotas in Canvas

University of Wisconsin System (except for UW Madison) users most frequently run into three types of file storage limits in Canvas: course storage limits, individual user storage limits, and ePortfolio storage limits.

Course File Storage Limits

Each Canvas course site has a 1GB storage limit for course-associated files uploaded by the instructor. 

Determine Course Usage

The "Files" tool in Canvas provides online storage and file sharing for individuals, courses, and groups. Storage of files in Canvas is intended only for purposes directly related to course work. 

To determine how much of your course's storage quota is currently in use, while in the course open the Files tool in course navigation. In the lower left, look for the percent used information. You may have to scroll down to see it. 

More information is available in the Instructure document How do I view course files as an instructor?  Canvas does have a limit on individual file size - files should be kept to 500 MB or less.

Exceptions to Quotas

Not all files in Canvas count against your course's storage quota:
  • Copied files: When you copy a file in Canvas, or upload a copy of an existing Canvas file, Canvas stores only one instance of that file. Only the original file counts against your course's storage quota; copies don't count affect your course's quota. For example, if you copy several files from one course to a new course, the storage quota for the new course will not be affected, regardless of how many files you copied.
  • Recordings
    • Kaltura recordings are stored outside of Canvas. Kaltura is accessed via Account > My Media in Canvas.
    • Webcam recordings created in Canvas: Webcam recordings and media comments created directly in Canvas are stored on a separate media server and do not count toward your course's storage quota.
    • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and WebEx recordings are stored elsewhere.

Reducing Course Storage Demands

Instructors who are approaching their course quota are encouraged host files and media in other cloud based solutions. Video and audio files can be saved in Kaltura MediaSpace. Documents can be stored in OneDrive in the Office 365 suite or in Google Drive. 

Requesting an Increased Quota for Course Sites

Instructors may also request an increase to their course quota for specific courses by contacting the Canvas administrator on their campus. 

Individual User File Storage Limits

By default, each user has 200 MB of storage space. Individuals also may upload files directly to their personal file spaces. User files include profile pictures, uploaded assignment submissions, and other files such as attachments to discussions. 

Files uploaded for a graded assignment are uploaded to user files but don't count against the user's quota. Student attachments to ungraded discussions come out of the users' individual quotas, but attachments to graded discussions do not.

In course and group spaces, files uploaded as attachments or assignment submissions are placed in the personal file spaces of the individuals who uploaded them. 

ePortfolio Storage File Storage Limits

Users have 100 MB of ePortfolio storage, separate from course storage and individual user quotas. See: Canvas (ePortfolio) - ePortfolio Storage Limits.

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