Turnitin: Enabling Turnitin for Submissions

Turnitin is a plagiarism checker that allows students and teachers to monitor the originality of work that is submitted. Turnitin is a third party integration in Canvas and can be enabled while creating assignments.

1. From the assignments tool, create an assignment like you would normally.  Enter in the title, the instructions, the points, the way you would like the grade to display, etc. 

2. Under the Submission Type (2), select “Online” and select “File Uploads” (3).  You have the option of restricting certain file types as well. You will see the “Plagiarism Review” (4) options appear. 

3. The Plagiarism Review automatically defaults to “None,” but you can change it to “Turnitin” via the dropdown menu that appears (5). 

4. Additional options to consider: Under the “Store submissions in” dropdown menu, you have the option to store papers in the standard paper repository or to not store the submitted papers in a repository (6).

The paper repository is a collection of papers not only from Stout, but from within the entire Turnitin paper repository.  It is recommended to store final papers in the standard paper repository but do not store rough drafts or various drafts within the paper repository. 

Note: If rough drafts are stored, final drafts will appear as plagiarized. 


5. Under the “Compare submissions in” section of the Turnitin menu, you will see the list of repositories you would like the entry to be compared against. The automatic defaults are set to checking the Student repository, website content and periodicals, journals and publications (7).  You can deselect any of those options each time you use Turnitin.  However, if you would like to include these options every time students submit their work through Turnitin, you do have the option to Save as default settings by clicking the box below (8). 

6. Lastly, you can determine how your students are shown the plagiarism report. 

You can choose from Immediately, which shows the students a report as soon as the Turnitin process is completed. Students can see the report after the assignment is graded, which allows them to access the report once the grade is submitted in the grade book.  Students can see the report after the due date, which means that the students can see the report once the set due date is past.  Finally, it can be set that students never see the report.  For rough drafts, it would be recommended students see the report immediately, so they have the opportunity to make necessary changes to give credit where credit is due. 


7. Once you have assigned the due date, the available from and until dates (optional), hit Save and Publish and the Turnitin process will be assigned to that assignment. 

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