Adding a collaborator to My Media content

This document contains information on how to add a collaborator to content in MyMedia

Content in My Media can be shared, edited and revised by other collaborators if you add them to specific videos. Below are the directions on how to add a collaborator to a video in My Media. Kaltura also has a video on how to add a co-publisher and co-editor as well. Please note: not everything within the video will appear through the UW-System instance of My Media.

1. Find the video you would like to add a collaborator to by going into your My Media account. Select the pencil icon, or editing button, to get into the video editing options (1).

editing button


2. Scroll down and select Collaboration (2) and then select +Add Collaborator (3). Media Collaborators have the ability to edit content metadata and related assets, like caption files, and/or can publish the videos once edited.

Screenshot with Collaboration tab highlighted and numbered 2 and add Collaborator highlighted with the number 3.

3. In the Add a Collaborator pop up, fill out the User name (4). The username will auto-populate if you type in last name, first. If you have the email address of the collaborator, it is also helpful to paste it in to ensure you are selecting the correct collaborator.

Add a collaborator page. showing steps 4, 5 and 6

4. Next, select the permission(s) you would like the collaborator to have: co-editor, co-publisher or co-viewer (5).

Co-editors can edit the entry's details and metadata. They can also trim media, replace media, edit captions, edit chapters, and edit slides. Co-editors cannot delete media or add new co-editors and co-publishers.

Co-publishers can publish media to their course gallery or embed it into their course items. Co-publishers cannot make changes to the media or delete it.

5. Select Add button to add the collaborator (6).

6. Once a collaborator has been added, you will see their information added to the Media Collaborators section. The permission box lets you know what permissions you added for them (7). Should you want to edit the permissions, you can select the pencil icon (8). If you would like to delete the collaborator, you can use the x icon (8).

Media Collaborators page

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