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ImageNow Upgrade

Posted: 16:02:10, Wednesday, Mar 13, 2019   Expiration: 16:02:10, Monday, Apr 1, 2019  

The scheduled ImageNow upgrade was completed late Friday night, March 22nd. Staff who use Perceptive Experience or WebNow should be able to access those websites again. Staff who use the Perceptive Content application need to make sure they have the updated client which we began pushing out to HP computers late Friday afternoon. An easy indicator that you have the updated client is that there will now be a 2-Step logo on the screen where you log in. If you do not have the updated client yet, you can perform the update from Software Center. Please click the ImageNow Upgrade link for more information.

On March 22nd, an ImageNow upgrade is scheduled to begin at 4:30 pm.  Access to the system will not be available until Sunday, March 24th.  During this time a desktop client upgrade will be installed on HP computers. If you are not taking your laptop home with you, please leave your computer turned on at the end of the day on Friday to help facilitate this process.

Here are a few additional details that may help answer some questions that have come up:

  • The installation files for the updated client will be pushed out to HP computers on Thursday and queued to install after 4:30 on Friday afternoon.
  • If you need to take your HP laptop off campus for the weekend, it will still install the updated client while off campus. 
  • The updated ImageNow client will also be made available to HP computers in Software Center, so you can force it to install on Monday morning if you need to.
  • There is still no ImageNow client available for Apple computers. Clients with Apples should continue to use the Perceptive Experience website. 
  • HP users can also use the Perceptive Experience website if the client is not upgraded on the computer. 
  • The Perceptive Experience website will be using the familiar UW-Stout Identity Provider login screen.

IMPORTANT:  After the update, the most significant change is that 2-Step authentication will be required of all users.  If you have not been enrolled in Stout’s Duo 2-Step Authentication, please make sure you do this before March 22nd.  Your IT consultant can help you enroll or you can visit the Technology Help Desk in 109 Sorensen Hall.  

For more detail information about using 2-Step with ImageNow, please visit our KB Article:   

In addition, the web versions of Image Now (Perceptive Experience and Webnow) will begin using the UW-Stout Identity Provider login screen. This login screen is the same screen that users use to log into other programs such Lynda, Canvas, AccessStout and My UW. 

Once logged in, users will not notice many differences in ImageNow.  Perceptive Experience will see the most significant improvements including the following: 

  • Can be used with all browsers Windows, Mac and multiple devices 

  • Searching for documents will be available.

  • Using the UW-Stout Identity Provider login screen. 

The approval signature stamp in Perceptive Experience is still cumbersome, but the option to be able to stay logged in with 2-Step for 12 hours is a benefit. 

-- UW Stout
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