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AccessStout Outage

Posted: 16:07:37, Monday, Dec 19, 2022   Expiration: 16:07:37, Monday, Jan 9, 2023  

Beginning at 4:30 PM on Friday, January 6th through noon on Sunday, January 8th, Access Stout will be unavailable.

During this time, UW-System and Stout staff will be migrating Peoplesoft, the technology supporting Access Stout, to a shared hosting environment in Madison managed by the UW-System.  

This will provide several benefits including cost savings and risk mitigation. System staff will manage disaster recovery, applicable policy compliance, as well as routine updates. This is expected to reduce the time spent by Stout staff to maintain the service, providing the resources necessary to address the Administrative Transformation Project and other initiatives. 

UW-Stout staff will continue to provide system administration, database management, integration, and application development services. You can expect no changes to the look and feel of the application. LIT staff will continue to provide level one support and development services. In short, it will look the same, work the same, and you will contact the same people for support. 

Should a situation arise that prevents us moving forward, we will postpone the move until the weekend of March 11th. 

-- UW Stout
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