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Microsoft 365 App issues - RESOLVED

Posted: 13:22:57, Thursday, Apr 20, 2023   Expiration: 13:22:57, Friday, Apr 28, 2023  

The 365 apps or services (online via a browser) has been resolved.

Microsoft has reported issues where users may be unable to view or access Microsoft 365 apps or services (online via a browser). The issues have been intermittent, but the following are problems you may encounter. Impacted services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Microsoft 365 Online apps - Users may be unable to access Microsoft 365 web apps, such as Excel Online. Additionally, the search bar may not appear in any Office Online service.
  • Microsoft Teams - Admins may be unable to access the Microsoft Teams admin center.
  • SharePoint Online - Users may be unable to view the settings gear, search bar and waffle.
  • Microsoft Planner - Users may be unable to access Microsoft 365 web apps through Microsoft Planner.
  • Outlook on the web - Users may experience slowness or latency when accessing or using the service.
  • Microsoft Project for the Web - Users may be unable to view the waffle menu, settings, and help content.

When you attempt to access the Microsoft 365 apps via the App Launcher (see below) they may not load, but you can still access the applications directly through their URL.

Microsoft App Launcher

Some URL examples include:

  • Outlook - outlook.office.com
  • Microsoft Teams - teams.microsoft.com
  • Word Online - microsoft365.com/launch/word
  • Excel Online - microsoft365.com/launch/excel

Desktop versions of these apps should work as expected. We will send an update when Microsoft has resolved these issues.

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