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New Teams - Coming Soon!

Posted: 2024-01-05 13:31:44   Expiration: 2024-03-31 13:31:44

Disclaimer: This news item was originally posted on 2024-01-05 13:31:44. Its content may no longer be timely or accurate.

Microsoft is rolling out a new Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft is slowly rolling out a new Microsoft Teams and it is being made available to some users on campus at this time. When it does become available you will see an option to “Try the New Teams” in the upper left-hand corner. After you toggle the button, Teams will close and reopen to the new version. In addition, when you close the new version and reopen you will be asked if you wish to switch back to the old version or continue to use the new version.

The following are some features to watch for:

General Usability

  • Teams app is up to twice as fast while consuming up to 50% fewer resources.
  • User experience makes it easier to do more in fewer clicks

New Designed Channel Layout

  • Option to view new posts at the top
  • Can send a post or an announcement
  • Will have editing options within the message
  • Can open a post or conversation in a new window
  • Can view Channel Details in a window on the right.
  • Pin a post and it will show in Channel Detail.
  • Use CTRL + F to search within a chat.

Team Meetings

  • Individuals can zoom in on content shared in a Teams meeting (+/- in lower left meeting window)
    • This doesn\'t impact what others see
  • New Meeting Backgrounds - (Just for Fun!)
  • Loop Voting
  • Spatial Audio in Meetings (Audio is analyzed to determine where they are placed in the gallery view)
  • Joining meetings loads twice as fast.

Outside Tenant Access

  • If you are a member of a Team in another tenant, you can see notifications in the upper right.
  • Can automatically switch to a different tenant.

Things to Note:

  • Wikis will no longer be available in Teams. (If you have any content in a Wiki, you will want to move those notes to One Note or another location.)
  • When you update, you may lose any saved backgrounds. You can back them up before you upgrade if needed.
  • Some of your unique settings, may change back to a default setting, but you can change them back in your Team settings.
  • Settings will now open in a full screen

Starting March 31st, all campus users will be migrated to the new version in a staged manner with timing controlled by Microsoft. 

-- UW Stout
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