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HRS and SFS switch from Symantec VIP fobs/app to 2-Step

Posted: 08:36:55, Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018   Expiration: 08:36:55, Friday, Aug 24, 2018

For those that require multifactor to log in to HRS or SFS, we will be switching to 2-Step authentication on Tuesday, August 7th.

On Tuesday August 7th, UW-Stout will start using 2-Step as the second factor in authenticating to HRS and SFS. Please note that this change will only impact UW-Stout clients that already use either the Symantec VIP fob or app on their mobile device to log into these two systems.

After the migration to 2-Step is complete for these systems, clients that have the Symantec VIP fob should return the device to either Mike Dodor in 327 Millennium Hall or Jo Johnson in 203 Admin and those who use the Symantec VIP app can uninstall it from their mobile device.

More information about 2-Step can be found here: 2-Step: Getting Started

-- UW Stout
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