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Student account lockout policies have changed

Posted: 15:49:23, Thursday, Aug 16, 2018   Expiration: 15:49:23, Monday, Sep 24, 2018  

The account lockout policies for students have been strengthened. This decreased the number of consecutive failed account logins to seven attempts, which will then lock the user account for 30 minutes.

UW-System Administrative Procedure 1030.A, Information Security: Authentication updates, will result in stricter lockout policies.

Locked accounts can be unlocked at password.uwstout.edu

The most common cause of repeated lockouts is a saved, old password on a mobile device connecting to the StoutSecure wireless network. 

Users who are experiencing repeated lockouts are encouraged to "forget," or disconnect from, StoutSecure on all mobile devices (phones, iPads, etc.) and reconnect using their current password.

 To forget StoutSecure on an iOS device To forget StoutSecure on an Android device
  1.  Settings (Gear)
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Tap StoutSecure
  4. Tap "Forget This Network"
  5. Click "Forget" when prompted to forget StoutSecure
  6. Reconnect if desired
  1.  Open Android Settings app
  2. Tap Wi-Fi
  3. Tap StoutSecure
  4. Tap "Forget"
  5. Reconnect if desired

If lockouts continue, please contact the Technology Helpdesk for further investigation.

Locked accounts can be unlocked at password.uwstout.edu.

Lockout policies are as a result of UW System Administrative Procedure 1030.A, Information Security.

-- UW Stout
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