Recent Graduate Laptops: Alumni Account Procedure

Instructions for what recently graduated students with a 2019 - 2022 image should expect on their HP laptops.

These instructions apply to students who had their laptop imaged during the 2019 - 2022 school year and is using an Intune-based image. If you do not sign into your laptop with your school email/password, this does not apply to you.

There are multiple options for retaining your data. The easiest and preferred method is to save the files you want to an flash drive/external hard drive or a personal cloud storage account. If you have backed up your files to your UW-Stout OneDrive, you will have 7 days to access your data after being converted to an alumni, at which time you will no longer have access to sign into OneDrive.

1. At a date after graduation, you will receive communication that your school email will be converted to an alumni account. Following this, you may receive a pop up on your computer showing the following message.
"University of Wisconsin-Stout has removed your workplace account and deleted all of the information associated with your workplace account (including business apps, password requirements, and other policies) from your device."
Depending on when your account status changes and if you are using your computer at that time, you may or may not ever see this message. At this point you will no longer have access to download apps through Company Portal or access other UW-Stout resources.
2. After the process of converting your account, the next time you restart your computer it will automatically login to a new Grad account on your computer. On your desktop will be a file named Instructions for Recent Graduates which will include a copy of these directions.

3. The Grad account will be a completely new account on your computer. If you backed up your files to an to an external source (flash drive/external hard drive or cloud storage), you can now connect the device and restore any files you may need.

There will most likely also be files stored under your previous account. Depending on the sync status of OneDrive prior to being changed to an alumni, this may or may not be all the files you expect. You can locate these files at the following location: C:\Users\YOURNAME\OneDrive - University of Wisconsin-Stout.
4. At this point your computer is no longer managed by UW-Stout and you will not have access to the licenses provided by the campus, including Microsoft Office.  You will need to purchase your own licenses or use alternate software after graduation. Microsoft offers discounts prior to graduation and you can view the available offerings on Microsoft's Website

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