Learning Glass Tips

Learning Glass tips, and best practices

Learning Glass Tips

Plan Ahead

  • Plan out your presentation in advance with an outline, sketch, or notes.

  • If it's a long presentation, look for natural breaks and create multiple videos. 

Keep it Short

  • One topic, one point, one Glass. 

  • If you can’t fit it all on the Glass, then you can’t fit it in a single video.

What to Wear

  • Do wear darker clothing, it creates a background for the Learning Glass text.  A long sleeved, black shirt would be ideal (for legibility, but it may create the illusion of a floating head and hands).

  • Light or bright colored clothing will obscure the text when you are standing behind it. 

  • No distracting patterns.  In particular, repeated stripes will create a moiré effect.

  • No text, the Learning Glass is mirrored so all printed text will be backwards.

Best Practices

The recommended practices for creating a Learning Glass video are no different than making any kind of instructional video. 
  • Do one or two takes.
  • It doesn't have to be perfect, inconsequential mistakes are humanizing.

  • A good presentation, on a important topic, can have instructional value for years.

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