Microsoft Teams: Breakout Rooms Workaround

This goes over how to setup a teams meeting with the addition of breakout rooms for small group discussions. Start by making however many rooms you want, then make the main meeting with links to the breakout rooms in the invitation.

  1. Open the Outlook desktop application.
  2. At the bottom left side of the window, click the Calendar tab button.
  3. Click on the calendar day the meeting will occur on.
  4. In the top ribbon, click New Teams Meeting.


  5. Name the breakout room. Example: Room 1. 
  6. Make sure to invite yourself, otherwise, the meeting room cannot be created.
  7. Click Send. 
  8. Repeat steps 4 - 7 as many times for as many breakout rooms you need.
  9. For the main meeting, in the top ribbon, click New Teams Meeting.
  10. Give a title to the meeting. 
  11. Invite everyone who needs to participate to this meeting.
  12. Leave that meeting creation window open and go back to your calendar.
  13. Double-click on a breakout room meeting created in step 4.


  14. In the Breakout room meeting window, towards the bottom, right-click on the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link. 
  15. In the drop-down, select edit hyperlink.


  16. Within the Edit Hyperlink pop-up window, click the "Text to display" field, and enter the name of the room. Example: Room 1. 
  17. Click the OK button.


  18. Right-click on the hyperlink just edited. In this case, it will be Room 1. 
  19. In the drop-down, select Copy Hyperlink.
  20. In the main meeting window, paste it in the text field above the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link.


  21. Repeat steps 13-20 for all other breakout rooms to be added.
  22. Verify all members of the meeting are in the invitation.
  23. Click Send.

What the Invited Users Experience

Users who are invited should receive only one invitation and it should be for the main meeting. They should not receive any invitation to the breakout rooms. The Outlook web app will be used in this example. As a user do the following:

  1. Accept the meeting invitation received in your Outlook inbox.
  2. At the bottom left of the screen, click the calendar tab.
  3. Locate the meeting within the calendar.
  4. Double-click the meeting title to expand it
  5. At the top right of the window, click Join Teams Meeting.


  6. A new tab in your web browser will open. If prompted, click the option to join using the Teams app.
  7. The Teams application will open giving you the option to adjust your settings before joining the meeting.
  8. To join the breakout room while in the main meeting, go back to the meeting event in the calendar and click the breakout room you were assigned you were if assigned one. In this example, Room 1 was assigned.


  9. A new tab will open similar to step 6. Click yes if prompted.
  10. The main meeting will be put on hold and you will be able to verify settings before joining the breakout room. Click Join now when ready.


  11. While in the breakout room, you can do the following:
    • Re-join the main meeting by clicking the Resume button. (this will put the breakout room on hold which can be rejoined the same way just described)
    • Hang up on the main meeting by clicking the Hang up button.
    • Hang up on the breakout room by clicking the Hang up button. (you will be prompted to re-join the main meeting.)
    • Utilize the rest of Teams meeting functions.


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