BP Logix Project

BP Logix is a software solution that combines forms development and workflow into one product.

Why BP Logix?

BP Logix is a software solution that combines forms development and workflow into one product.  Below are some of the added value of BP Logix.  

  • Sends simplified approve/deny options via email to multiple people as needed.
  • Significantly reduces data entry errors by pre-populating forms with real-time data.
  • Facilitates uploading additional documents at any time within the timeline/workflow process.
  • Improves routing (workflow) and reliability for documents and timeline functionality.
  • Indexes documents directly into existing ImageNow drawer structure for retrieval and archival (optional).
  • Allows primary owners to move documents through the workflow as needed.
  • Eliminates dependencies on creating/updating individual workflow queues or route forward options.


What.pngForms, Forms & More Forms -  Stout currently has 500+ forms that are listed on the StoutForms page.  Some of these forms are written in unsupported software.  When feasible, the BP Logix team will rebuild these, “more vulnerable” forms, first.  

New Requests – In addition to StoutForms, many departments have custom forms that are still in paper/other format.  The BP Logix team consistently receives 5-10 requests a month to convert ad-hoc forms and/or create a new ones.  

Prioritization – new request requests and/or requests to fix old forms are prioritized by the team on a weekly basis.

Process Improvement – we are always looking for opportunities to “improvement the process” by identifying ways to reduce waste and improve functionality.

Connectivity – when possible we will connect to other systems on campus, such as PeopleSoft and HRS to retrieve data and prepopulate fields.  This is one of the strengths of BP Logix.  Special precaution will be taken to ensure access to sensitive information is handled correctly.

PLEASE NOTE:  Print to ImageNow abilities and the ImageNow repository will not be eliminated.


It All Takes Time – most forms will benefit from a process review.  The length of time required will depend on the complexity of the process (form) and the availability of resources both in IT and within the involved departments.  Changing priorities and resource constraint will continue to be an ongoing challenge.  

Release - The release of forms will be approved and coordinated with the forms primary owner.



  • Audience - The entire campus can leverage BP Logix to gain time, simplicity, and optimization of existing and new processes.
  • Resources - both the BP Logix project team and the primary form (process) owners will work together to validate form requirements and timelines.
  • Team - At present the team is small. Emily Erickson is leading the development activities. Sue Krings is assisting with her resident knowledge of ImageNow and how similar functionally can be gained through BP Logix. She also knows the history of how different departments work together at UW Stout . Jonathan McCalla is the server resource and is learning how to develop workflows, and Michele Heinecke is on loan from the PeopleSoft team adding value and learning a new application. Each of the staff have other primary roles and responsibilities but are committed to moving the project forward.

Next Steps

  • Create an advisory group of stakeholders and department sponsors to advise on prioritization, ownership and impact.
  • Schedule a kickoff meeting with the project team and advisory group.

Click here for:  Project Request Form

Click here for:  Process Updates / Improvements

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