PaperCut Troubleshooting

Basic troubleshooting and frequently asked questions for PaperCut. PaperCut requires students and staff to be connected to eduroam or a wired Ethernet connection when installing the printers or printing. faq

Basic Terms

MFD stands for Multi-Function Device. These are the large scanner/copier/printer (hence multi-function) devices usually named with in the convention, buildingabbreviation_roomnumber_MFD_printernumber. For example SORH_105_MFD_1 for the Sorensen room 105 MFD.

ABR stands for Admin by Request. It is required on managed devices (held by faculty/staff and some shared student computers) to elevate the user's permission level to be able to install certain programs like printer drivers. (See Admin By Request KBs)

eduroam is the secure campus Wireless (Wi-Fi) network. It requires valid campus credentials and device registration to sign in on compatible devices.

Ethernet is the secure campus wired network. Plugging in an ethernet cable to a computer or game console typically does not require you to input your campus credentials, but it still requires device registration to work.

Company Portal is the campus software catalog available to students only. You will be able to access your printer through Company Portal. Faculty/staff are unable to access this.

Software Center is the campus software catalog available to faculty/staff computers and some shared computers which are Stout-managed devices. Managed devices are labeled with a C-number asset tag sticker, i.e. C-16011

OneDrive is the cloud storage solution from Microsoft, which is used to sync files from your computer to the cloud. PaperCut connects to your campus account via OneDrive to send you your scanned documents from an MFD.

MFD Troubleshooting

  • The MFD displays an "Access Denied" message when I input my campus ID at the MFD display
    • This is most likely due to an issue with your group permissions. Either you are not added to the correct group, or the group itself is missing certain policies that allow you to access the MFD. Please reach out to the techdesk to get this resolved promptly.
  • When I type in my campus ID to log into the MFD, it keeps saying it's incorrect, but I know I'm typing in the right numbers:
    • You may have some leading zeroes in your campus ID that you're missing when entering at the MFD. All issued IDs are 7 digits, but some people have ID cards printed with only 6 digits, i.e. "092831" printed on an issued Campus Card should be typed in as "0092831" - note the extra zero added at the beginning.
    • Make absolutely sure you're typing in your correct ID. This will be the number printed on your Campus Card. If you're still unsure, please contact techdesk or the Campus Card office in the Merle Price Commons.
  • I can install the correct MFD on my computer, and when I attempt to print, it seems to accept my print job, but nothing is appearing at the printer:
    • The printer may not be configured with automatic-release, which is a feature that allows the MFD to instantly release any stored print job sent to it by anyone. This is how MFDs on campus used to previously function before PaperCut. If this is the case, try logging into the MFD with your campus ID and you should see the Print Release function to release your job.
    • If you log in on the MFD and you don't see a Print Release function, and your job has not printed, please reach out to the techdesk as you may be experiencing a group/permission related issue.
  • When I log into the MFD with my campus ID and try to scan something, I don't see it appear in my 'scans' folder.
    • If it's your first time scanning with PaperCut, you will receive an email containing a link to connect PaperCut with your campus OneDrive account. Follow that link and you will be taken to a webpage (you may be asked to log into your Stout email in the browser) indicating the connection is complete. From there, you will find your scans in a new folder in the "OneDrive/Apps/" folder called "Scans for PaperCut MF".
    • Check your OneDrive/Apps/Scans for PaperCut MF folder in Windows File Explorer. The now-defunct “scans” folder is no longer in use, therefore newly scanned items will no longer appear there. You may delete the “scans” folder if you feel confident that you’ve recovered any important items within it. You may also want to right-click > Pin to Quick access the Scans for PaperCut MF folder so it appears at the top of your Windows File Explorer.
    • Check OneDrive on the Web under My Files/Apps/Scans for PaperCut MF. This is another way to get to the new folder via OneDrive in your browser. You can get to the web version of OneDrive by going to your Stout email from Common Logins, then by clicking on the Apps waffle menu in the upper left corner.

  • When I try to release a print job or copy an item, I don’t see the account I need to charge my job listed at the account prompt screen:
    • Please reach out to the techdesk as you may be experiencing group/permission issues related to your ability to see certain funding string accounts.

HP-Specific Troubleshooting

  • I'm a student and I'm unable to install PaperCut from Company Portal:
  • My computer is rejecting my username/password when I'm asked during printer installation:
    • If you see "Elevated permissions required", you need to activate Admin By Request (ABR) first, then attempt to connect the printer again.
    • At the password prompt, select Other User then enter your Stout username (without the @ and subsequent characters) and password.
    • Note: you are not able to use Windows Hello (fingerprint, pin, facial recognition) at this password prompt.

  • When I tried to connect to the PaperCut printer in \\, it gave me an error prompt that says it failed to connect:
    • Try again. Occasionaly, the first attempt to connect fails for unknown reasons, and it usually works on the second try. If you're continuing to have an issue connecting to the printer, first try rebooting your computer and then try it once again. Reach out to the techdesk if this issue continues to persist or if it is occurring with others in your area.

  • When I tried to connect to the PaperCut printer in \\, nothing happens:
    • Wait a few minutes. If you're installing a PaperCut printer for the first time, can take 1-2 minutes for a loading bar to appear. When the loading bar appears, continue to wait.
    • If this long wait time is accompanied by the "failure" message above, usually the subsequent attempt will succeed and will download much faster.

Mac-Specific Troubleshooting

  • My Mac is rejecting my password when I try to send my job to the printer from the Mac's print queue:
    • If the Mac is using an old password (i.e. you've changed your campus password but you're still using an older password for your Mac), you will need to do a keychain clear using these directions: Reset Keychain after password change on domain (faculty/staff) Apple 
    • On next print, enter your Stout username and password at the prompt and check the "remember me" box.
  • When I try to print something, the printer doesn't do anything:
    • First, check your printer queue under Settings > Devices & Printers > select the printer you're attempting > print queues. If you see your job with something like “awaiting authentication”, click the lock icon on the right-hand side of the job listing. When prompted, enter your campus password and check the “remember me” box.
    • If the job still doesn’t print, please reach out to the techdesk as you may be experiencing a known issue with certain MacOS versions and PaperCut connectivity.

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