Checklist: Shared Drive Migration

Checklist and tips for the shared drive migration.


If you have any documents that should be archived, contact University Archives at or 715-232-5418.
Here is an example list of records that the archives would typically collect from departments, in digital and/or physical form:


Record Types Collected by Archives







Project or Program files

Project or Program files



Committee Records

Committee Records 
(meeting minutes, agendas, etc.)

Student Organization Records

Student Organization Records 
(Constitutions and by-laws, brochures, etc.)





Press Release

Press releases

M: Drive Migration

When a shared drive is removed, the user's M drive is also removed.
This makes it important that all M drives are also transitioned prior to the drive being deactivated.


Individual users should identify what files they need to keep.

  • Move personal files into One Drive. 
  • Move departmental files into a SharePoint or Teams file location

Individual users should transition scans location (if applicable) to OneDrive.


Individual users should inform their department point-person that their M drive is ready for deletion.

Shared Drive Migration
(S, T, and Others)


Verify Files

  • What documents need to be saved?
  • What documents can be removed?
  • Are there any documents that Archives may be interested in?

Identify a new home

  • Where will the new documents live?
    • SharePoint or Teams
        • These should be used for departmental/shared files.
    • Onedrive
      • This should be used for individual files.


Check Your File Structure

  • This is an essential part of creating a new permanent home for your files.
  • Please contact your department consultant for any questions regarding creating a new file structure.
  • File structure should adhere to Microsoft best practices:
    • Flatter structure (limit nested folders)
    • Shorter names
    • Multiple document libraries for permissions
  • Naming structure should adhere to SharePoint naming guidelines.


Move Documents

  • The easiest way to move documents into the new home you have identified is by syncing the new file location to your computer then drag-and-drop the documents.
  • We suggest creating a "Completed" folder within the shared drive and using that to store folders that have already been moved. This can help departments track what has been moved and what still needs to be moved during the transition period.


Scan to SharePoint

  • If your department is currently utilizing a "scans" folder within the shared drive, work with your department consultant to transition this to SharePoint.


Final Steps

  • Once everything is moved, touch base with your department consultant. They will assist in double-checking that everything has been moved and your department is ready to have the drive shut down.
    • Make sure that all M drives have also been transitioned.
  • The consultant will create a ticket for the appropriate LIT team to shut down the shared drive on a specific date. The department point-person will receive a confirmation from LIT through this ticket when the drive has been shut down.


This transition only affects the StoutFS file share. Other file shares, such as psprod, are not affected.

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