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2-Step: (New) Obtaining a One Time Passcode when you Forget your 2-Step Device

If you have lost or forgotten your 2-Step device you can generate a one-time passcode that can be used to complete 2-Step in order to login to protected services and applications such as HRS, SFS, OBIEE, Canvas, and Access Stout. This one-time passcode is good for one use and must be used within 60 minutes of issuance. In order to generate a one-time passcode, you will need to sign in and provide the answers to your security questions. If you have lost your 2-Step device, please contact the Technology Help Desk immediately.
  1. Visit the login page for the desired system that you are required to use 2-Step to access.
  2. Sign in with your username and password.
  3. When prompted by Duo Push, click on the Need help? link which will give you extra options for assistance.

    Forgot device? Select Need Help

  4. In the "How can we help?" page, click on the link below Contact for help to open the one-time pass code page in another tab.

    Click on the link underneath Contact for help to open a tab to the one time passcode page

  5. After clicking the continue button you will be prompted to enter the answers to your security questions.

    Please Note: Security questions are case sensitive. If you have forgotten your security questions please call UW-Stout Technology Help Desk at 715-232-5000.

    Answer your security questions

  6. Successful answering of your security questions will provide you with your one-time pass code and at what time it will expire. Please copy or write down the one-time pass code.

    One time pass code

  7. Return to the "How can we help?" tab and click on < Back to return you to the initial Duo check and click on Other options Button.

    Click on other options

  8. From the listed options, click on Bypass code

    Click on Bypass code option

  9. Enter the one-time pass code, then click Verify to login.

Enter bypass code

Success!  You are now logged in with a one-time pass code. 

Success!  You are logged in with your one-time passcode

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