Multi-Factor Authentication (Microsoft Authenticator): Logging in Using Authenticator (Mobile Device and FOB)

This document will provide instructions for logging in to a service that requires Microsoft Authentication using a mobile device or a FOB.
  1. Navigate to the application or system that you need to log in to.

  2. Log in using your UW-Stout username and password.

    UW-Stout Login Screen

Using a Mobile Device

Using a Mobile Device

  1. After you enter your password, Microsoft Authenticator will immediately prompt you on screen with a security number to enter in the Microsoft Authenticator app.

    Security number

  2. Open the Microsoft Authenticator Mobile App on your phone.

    Android and iPhone  

  3.  The Authenticator app will provide you with a field to enter in the security number.  Click Yes once the security number has been entered on the app and you will be logged in.

    Android and iPhone


    Enter in code for Android


    Enter code iphone


Using a FOB

Using a Microsoft Authenticator FOB

  1. Microsoft Authenticator will immediately prompt you on screen to type in your code.

    Fob code field

  2. Pressing the red button on your Microsoft FOB will display a 6 digit code that will last 30 seconds before refreshing. 
    Once the code has been entered on screen, click Verify to login.

    Microsoft FOB


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