Microsoft Authenticator: Temporary Access Pass

In the event that your primary authentication method is unavailable, the UW-Stout Technology Helpdesk can provide you with a Temporary Access Pass (TAP) which allows you to use a temporary code for a short while to log into your Stout account. This KB documents the expected behavior of a functioning TAP authentication method.
  1. Go to any Microsoft web product (your Stout email from the Common Logins page, for example) and enter your full Stout email to sign in like you normally would.
  2. With the Temporary Access Pass authentication method enabled, you will be asked for a Temporary Access Pass instead of your normal password.

    Enter the TAP in the requested login field

  3. You can click the Show Temporary Access Pass checkbox to view what you're typing:

    Click the checkbox to view your TAP in the field

  4. Once you've entered the correct TAP and clicked Sign in, you will login as normal. From there, you will have access to your Microsoft web apps. It is advised at this point to go to and modify your authentication methods as necessary. (i.e. if you get a new smartphone and need to set up MFA again), otherwise you will require a new TAP from the Tech Desk the next time you are prompted for Single Sign On.

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