Electronic Reports (Cypress) - Troubleshooting Common Issues

This document contains steps for troubleshooting common Electronic Reports issues with the Cypress client.


Many problems Electronic Reports users experience when logging into Cypress, accessing the Cypress inbox, or performing Cypress KB searches stem from two underlying issues:

  1. The Cypress client is not installed and/or
  2. The Cypress client is not connected to the DocuVault.

The steps below describe how to identify and solve these issues:

Errors Seen When the Cypress Client is Not Installed

The first step in troubleshooting any Cypress access issue involves checking to see whether the Cypress client is installed. Use the following steps to determine whether the client is already installed:

  1. Visit https://cypress.doit.wisc.edu using Internet Explorer and click the button labeled Cypress Client.

    NOTE: The Cypress client will not work with 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer nor with 64-bit copies of Outlook and Office.


  2. If you are taken to a screen displaying a red "X", the client has not been installed on your machine. Please follow the instructions in Install the Cypress Client to proceed.


  3. If you are taken to a screen where a little black box is displayed then check if the website is on the IE compatibility view list. This usually indicates that the *.wisc.edu is missing. FYI -- the compatibility list can be cleared when an update is applied to a computer. For information on how to set a site to display in compatibility mode see this doc.

  4. If you are taken to a screen displaying the logo pictured below, the client is installed on your machine.

  5. cypress_installed.png

Install the Cypress Client

Use the following directions to install the Cypress client:

  1. Visit https://cypress.doit.wisc.edu using Internet Explorer. Locate and click the link labeled Download Standalone File.


  2. When prompted, choose to Save the file.


  3. You will be taken to a window titled Save As. Choose an easily-accessible location on your computer's hard drive (e.g. Desktop) and click Save.


  4. The file download will begin. Once it is complete, click Run to run the installer.


  5. The installer window will open. Click Next on all of the prompts to complete the installation.


  6. To verify that the client has been installed successfully, close and reopen Internet Explorer and repeat Determine Whether the Cypress Client is Installed above.

Errors Seen When the Client is Not Connected to the DocuVault

If users have the Cypress client installed but they are:

  • unable to see the inbox
  • unable to access reports in the inbox
  • not challenged for their credentials (not seeing the login screen)
  • sees a blank window after clicking INBOX VIEWER button

The Cypress client may not be connected to the DocuVault. Use the following steps to determine whether the Cypress client is connected to the DocuVault:

  1. Open the Cypress client by visiting https://cypress.doit.wisc.edu in Internet Explorer, clicking the button labeled Cypress Client, and clicking the button below the text: Click the button to launch the ASG-Cypress Full Client

  2. If the Cypress client is successfully connected to the DocuVault, users should see an icon labeled Prod beneath the DocuVaults heading on the left-hand pane of the window.


  3. If the Cypress client is not connected to the DocuVault, users will see blank white space in the left-hand pane of the window. Certain buttons on the right-hand side will also be grayed out.


    If the customer clicks on the INBOX VIEWER button, a blank screen should be displayed.


    To connect the client to the DocuVault, please see: Connect the Cypress Client to the DocuVault

Connect the Cypress Client to the DocuVault

Use the following steps to connect the Cypress Client to the DocuVault:

  1. From within the Cypress Client, click the "Binoculars" icon.


  2. A window titled Find DocuVault should appear. Type cypress.doit.wisc.edu into the text field and click OK.


  3. Enter your login credentials on the window labeled Logon DocuVault As and click OK.


  4. If the Prod icon appears in the left-hand pane of the window and all of the buttons are active, the DocuVault was successfully connected. If buttons remain grayed-out and the Prod icon does not appear, the credentials you entered are incorrect. If you do not know your credentials, send an email to cypress@doit.wisc.edu to verify your Cypress User ID.

Error Generated by a Conflict on the Workstation

After launching the Cypress client, the error message is displayed:

  • text of the error: ASG-Cypress User Interface Program has stopped working

  • image of the error


This issue generally is caused by a conflict on the workstation and can be resolved by doing the following:

  1. go to: https://cypress.doit.wisc.edu
  2. click the CYPRESS CLIENT button
  3. click the button to launch the Cypress Full Client
  4. if prompted for an IP address or hostname, enter cypress.doit.wisc.edu
  5. instead of entering login credentials, click CANCEL
  6. use the EXIT button on the Cypress Main Menu to close the cypress client
  7. the Report Distribution Full Client screen should be displayed
  8. click the icon to launch the Cypress client
  9. click the binocular icon on the upper left
  10. when prompted for an IP address or host name, enter cypress.doit.wisc.edu
  11. at the login screen, enter the login credentials

Font Error

The error is caused by security on the workstation so local IT support techs must unblock "Untrusted" Fonts.

The error indicates that certain "Untrusted" Fonts on some machines are being blocked. In this case, it was Courier New and Courier Bold.


Error message:
"Message E-262.40:
AddFontMemResourceEx() error.
Error in function ' install font()' (error code = 0)."

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