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ImageNow: Capture Profile Batch Mode

This option is for printing many documents into ImageNow at one time. Documents can be sent to a workflow queue for further processing if needed.

Capture profiles or ImageNow printer options as I like to call them are located on your computer.  

You are the only one who can see them, therefore you can have as many as you need and name them so that they make sense to you.  This options allows several documents to be printed into the system at the same time and indexed individually as needed.

Click on the down arrow next to Capture and choose Manage Capture Profiles.  If you do not see the Manage Capture Profiles option, please contact the Technology Help Desk.

Default settings are:

  1. Import from disk - Single Mode
  2. Import from disk - Batch Mode
  3. ImageNow Printer - Single Mode 
Please choose Create on the right side of the Capture Profiles dialog box to begin creating a new capture profile.

The New Capture Profile dialog box will appear.  You can adjust the settings as follows:

  1. Click on the General tab at the top of the dialog box.
  2. Name:  Suggested name is ImageNow Printer - Batch Mode (or something that makes sense to you).
  3. Source: Click on the down arrow and choose ImageNow Printer.
  4. Mode:  Click the down arrow and choose Batch.
  5. Workflow Send to:  Leave as None
  6. Workflow Send to:  If documents need further processing, click the down arrow and choose the workflow queue the documents need to go to for processing.


Next, select the Batch tab at the top of the dialog box: 

Click the box next to Bypass QA Processing Step to place a check mark in the box.

Select the Document Keys tab at the top of the dialog box.  

Select the drawer.  The drawer list will only contain drawers that you have permissions to.  This is for added security of your documents until they are indexed/filed.  

Double click the system drawer for a list of drawers you have permissions to.

The Key Definitions Drawer dialog box will appear.  Click the down arrow and select a drawer.

It doesn't matter which drawer is picked here, this is only for extra security of the documents.

The ImageNow Printer-Batch Mode has been added to the list and ready to use.   Click Close


See Also:

If you cannot find a solution to your imagenow issue click here to create a ticket

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